5 Really Effective Ways To Deal With Your Husband’s Female Friends


Your husband shares a very plain and simple relationship with his female friends and keeps you in the loop about everything. However, you still might not like his friendship with other women and feel the strong urge to stop him from talking to his female friends. But, is that the sensible and healthy way to deal with it? There are high chances that he will not like it. And, if you object too much, he might continue to meet these friends without telling you! There is no point in making a big deal by giving ultimatums or confronting him. All it will do is spoil your equation with him. So, what do you do then? No need to worry girls. Read on to know how you can handle this nagging dilemma.

#1. Try to be more friendly with his friends

It has been seen that women who are friendly with their husbands’ female friends, or even someone from their past, are more comfortable in accepting the friendship their husbands share with them. In fact, you might just realise that your husband’s female friends are fun to be around. This will also make him happier.

2. Give some benefit of doubt

Some situations might seem bothersome to you, but they may really be very trivial. If his female friends are sending a text message or there is a missed call or if they are meeting for coffee, these could be totally harmless. Instead of panicking, try to reason out and analyse the situation calmly and save yourself from the torture of doubt.

#3. Trash double standards

If you have many male friends, but are insecure about his female friends, it is time to think again, lady! Do not have a different set of rules for you and your husband. Your husband will definitely notice this, and this can really harm your relationship. Having double standards can only lead to confusion and instability in your relationship.

#4. Talk to him, not your friends!

Stop yourself from making the huge mistake of discussing your husband with your friends! Remember that this is an issue between the two of you, and not something that your friends can do much about. And, imagine if your husband finds out, things might just get from bad to worse!

#5. Work on boundaries

Share your feelings calmly, and let him know that you would like him to set some boundaries for his female friends. Assure him that you would do the same in case your closeness with your male friends bothers him. You both might just be able to reach an amicable solution.

Try these simple ways to deal with this issue. In most situations, things will get better very soon, if you talk it out patiently and coolly.


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