UPDATE: The Federal Palace Hotel Worker’s Protest

The industrial relation crisis at Federal Palace hotel has been resolved. As at Friday afternoon Jan. 30th, a representative from the Labour Congress met with the hotel management to harsh out an agreement and the result of the meeting was successful to an extent. (Pictured above is Secretary General of Trade Union Congress of Nigeria and some of the sacked staff)
First and Foremost, they have been granted the go ahead to form their union. Furthermore, they have been asked to resume work on Monday/tomorrow February 1st. However, 6 days payment will be deducted from their salary. Also, other unions are coming on Monday to do the final bidding with the hotel management. According to the staff that reached out, this will ensure that there is an elimination of bias, discrimination, victimization, or any form of slave like duties.


On the part of the union to be formed, an election of officials will be done in two weeks time. According to all involved, this will also serve as a wake up call to the South African HR manager whom they want replaced with a Nigerian due to what they say is his lack of sympathy for the financial conditions of all the hotel workers demanding for stability and better working conditions..


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