Twenty Afghan Police Officers Killed In Taliban Raid


Four Taliban suicide bombers reportedly attacked a police headquarters in eastern Afghanistan, killing police 20 officers and injuring eight others. BBC reports:

One bomber detonated explosives at the gate, while others clashed with police and caused an explosion at a dining hall where officers were eating. The militants, in the city of Pul-i-Alam in Logar, were dressed as police.

The attack came one day after Afghan authorities launched an operation to weaken insurgents in Helmand province. Din Muhammad Darwesh, the spokesman for the Logar governor, told the BBC that the first bomber detonated his explosives at the main gate of the headquarters. Another two were killed in clashes with police. A fourth bomber however succeeded in gaining entry into a dining hall where officers were eating their lunch, he said.

Officials told AP news agency that the bombers were able to enter the compound as they were wearing police uniforms. Afghan troops have assumed more control over security since foreign troops formally pulled out last December. But insurgents have stepped up attacks since then.  On Monday, the same day Afghan military and police launched a major operation in Helmand, the Taliban killed at least six policemen in an ambush in the Kandahar province.


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