Thief Hiding In Mother’s Fridge Found By Police After Series Of Search



A man almost escaped from Russian police after hiding in his mother’s refrigerator.  Police in Russia, were looking for a suspected thief before finding him hiding in the fridge of his mother. Scoop has more:

Eduard Bulgakov, 31, was scheduled to appear in court in Yekaterinburg, but he did not show up. The judges issued an arrest warrant and officers went to his apartment, which he shared with his mother. However, the mother claimed that she did not know where her son was. The officers decided to wait outside until he returns home.

A while later, a delivery man brought two large pizzas to the suspect’s home. Officers knew that the woman was not going to eat both pizza pies herself and suspected that she was not home alone as she claimed.  Police spokesperson Kuzma Alekseeva said that when the officers went back into the home, they saw that the pizzas were eaten so they searched the home again.

However, they could not find the son.  Police said that the mother became uncomfortable when officers asked her why she was not putting leftover pizza in the refrigerator. They opened the refrigerator door and found the suspect inside. Bulgakov was shivering from being in the cold refrigerator for a while.


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