Programmer & IT Executive at REQIT

Job description
As a programmer you will be responsible for developing cloud based database applications using various languages including HTML & CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Python and more. You will work with the consulting team advice on database deployment for report automation and analytics projects. You will need to have knowledge of Microsoft based database and technologies including SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic for Applications and cloud based solutions.

You will lead the maintenance and updating of our website and web based applications. You will be required to manage the firms cloud based (Software as a Service) packages including, office timesheets, drop box and more.

You will be required to implement IT hardware and software policies for the firm. Manage and maintain all Laptops, printers, internet accessibility, conferencing equipment and more.

You will act as the producer in our online training packages, using Webex and Adobe Connect. You must be a quick starter willing to learn and able to multitask and priorities. You will also be expected to work with our external Application developers to speed up the development of bespoke web based applications for clients.

Desired Skills and Experience
o have working knowledge of the major languages: HTML & CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Python & Ruby
o Have detailed knowledge of PHP
o Have working knowledge of Microsoft Technologies especially SQL Server, SSAS Tabular, DAX Language, Visual Basic for Applications and more
o have experience managing, updating and maintaining business equipment including Laptops, Printers, Network hardware etc
o Come up with innovative ideas and solutions to improve productivity and efficiency of work teams in the firm
o attend meetings with the consulting and training team and make knowledgeable contributions on IT related matters
o have detailed knowledge of web based training packages especially Webex & Adobe Connect
o Manage, Implement and monitor the firms IT use policies.
o Keep abreast of latest technologies and present recommendations to management

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