Photos: PDP Youth Leader Tears Membership Card In Public

So I see Obasanjo has started a new trend. Yunusa Halid, a PDP youth leader in Nasarawa state, tore his PDP membership card in public today.



  1. People r really funny sometimes how does tearing ur party membership card affect anything u r just fooling urself cos it doesn’t change anything!we shd learn 2 copy and emulate positive things and not negative and hypocritical actions.Be wise!

  2. What is going on here? How thos tearing of a membership card consign d amouth of Kerosene n Garri? Please my friend go and do what u malans knws how 2do best. Get ursef sum cattles n graze them around. Dat will get u busy…fooooolz

  3. When a youth tears his PDP membership card in public it means a lot,like renouncing the party and it is also an indication to vote for change /BUHARI,so well done bro, for tearing your PDP membership card in public.Sai BUHARI.


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