PHOTOS: Family Welcomes First Baby Girl After 200 Years Of Giving Birth To Only Boys

A family where only boys were born for five generations have finally welcomed the first baby girl, Maidstone, Kent, UK.

It took 200 years for the Lawrie family to produce a baby girl that is now treated like a real princess. The last time a midwife announced ‘It’s a girl’ her great-great aunt Bessie was born in 1809.

Proud mother Hannah says, “When Mark and I first got together, he told me how everyone in his family, for five generations, had produced boys. He warned me that the chances of us ever having a daughter were pretty remote.”


Nevertheless, after consulting with several doctors about their possibility to have a daughter the woman did not give up and settled on an American method from the 60s. It works on the logic that the female chromosome are slower but survive longer than the male.

So having sex earlier in your cycle when only the X chromosomes survive should up chances of a girl. And, surprisingly, the method worked perfectly. And when Hannah and Mark were told they were expecting a girl they could not believe it’s true.


“I was in a state of disbelief, I kept asking the sonographer if she was sure. Mark was so emotional he was in tears, crying that it was a gift from his Dad — who, sadly, passed away just before I fell pregnant. He’d told us he’d love a granddaughter,” says Hannah.

Happy parents already had a son as well as two boys from Mark’s previous marriage before they welcomed Myla to their family. With three big brothers to look after her, she is never going to be short of protectors and attention.



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