MI – “Kelly Hansome Doesn’t Need A Reply”


Rapper MI established himself as the best rapper in Nigerian again after he dropped his new album.

He hasn’t been a very controversial artiste and he recently mended fences with Kelly Hansome; or at least that’s what Kelly Hansome claimed.

In a new interview with Saturday Beats, Kelly Hansome said he made MI popular.

Saturday Beats reached out to MI to confirm if truly Kelly made him popular, the Africa rapper no 1 said: –

“I read the article but I don’t think that is exactly what he was saying. I understand that it is all about publicity but there are some comments that do not need response. Of course, Kelly Hansome and I have met, we have spoken and we have a cordial relationship. If Kelly Hansome said he made MI, I don’t think it is something I need to respond to. I think MI’s success is self-evident and that is the truth.”

MI also talked about beef with Olamide, the rapper said: –

“I am a huge fan of Olamide; people do not realise how much I appreciate what he is doing right now. He is not alone because there are other indigenous rap artistes like Reminisce and their music is amazing. What they are doing has never been done before apart from that of the late Da Grin. They should be supported. However, I have no problem with Olamide. We see each other and we are friendly towards each other but I will not say that we are close friends. I am happy about his success. He is even on my album and we do not have any form of beef”


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