How To Live A Cancer Free Life

Cancer propaganda is blasted from the airways, the television, the Internet, and print media. Cancer treatment is big business. So are the campaigns that ask you to contribute your hard earned money to find a cure. Meanwhile the big shots at the American Cancer Society make six figures, while claiming they are searching for a cure. But there is no real cure that will ever come from conventional medicine, just treatments – treatments that are as likely to kill as they are to cure.

Cancer is a malfunction within the body. So the obvious question to ask is, “Why is the body malfunctioning?”

Every cell within the body has a purpose. If the cell isn’t functioning correctly, it is due to one or both of these basic reasons:
The cell does not have the proper nutrition it needs to function correctly.
Toxins or waste are making it impossible for the cell to function correctly.
So how do you avoid cancer or heal your body if you already have cancer?

First and foremost, you flood your body with nutrients and keep the digestive system healthy. This is the foundation for all health. Your body needs a wide variety of nutrients to nourish itself, to feed every cell, to regulate its systems, to produce neurotransmitters and hormones, T cells and red blood cells, bone and tissue. It cannot maintain, much less repair itself, if it doesn’t have the basic building blocks it requires. And it all starts with diet.

So what is a truly health diet?

A truly healthy diet is a plant-based diet consisting of 80% fresh, raw, organic produce – more vegetables than fruits. It contains a wide variety of foods and includes healthy omega 3 fatty acids. If meat is eaten, it is also organic.

A truly healthy diet does not contain artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. It does not include GMOs, MSG, or trans fats. In other words, it does not contain 99% of today’s processed foods. Limit sugar and caffeine. Try to eliminate all processed sugar. Cancer cells love sugar.

Numerous studies have revealed a link between meat consumption and cancer rates. Vegetarians definitely have lower rates of cancer. Processed meats are the worst offenders – again artificial preservatives are very toxic to the body. But all of today’s meat – except for organic, free-range meats – contain antibiotics and hormones. Many of the animals are raised on foods unnatural to their diet. In addition, many are fed GMO foods. Is it any wonder that consumption of disease ridden, factory-raised animals contributes to cancer?



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