Great Pre-Valentine Ideas For Him

lookIt is the season of Love, and we all know that it is the simple things that count, things that are always remembered and cherished by those we love. Outlined below are short tips and tricks to make that special someone feel indeed special this season.

Pre Valentine Ideas for Him

Send your sweetheart a sweet, short and sexy text while at work
Leave a memorable note in his bag, so that he gets to find it while at work!
On that special night, wear a sexy lingerie, spray some exotic scent in the bedroom and have a bottle of wine (expensive or not). The aura and scenery of the room should set things in motion
Plan a surprise outing to his favorite spot, restaurant or to the movies.
Go kart racing, do something thrilling that would get his blood rushing wink.
Send him a box of chocolate or his favorite cookies (even if you are the one that ends up eating it… lol)
Stop by his office at lunch time and take him out for lunch.
Take a drive together. Have fun, let your hair down a little.
After a long day, lay him down and give him a long massage or a foot rub. Those always come in handy :)
Fill up his fuel tank or offer to pay for it (Before you scoff at this, remember that this is about surprising him).
Make breakfast in bed. This could be English, American or Nigerian style (Eba or amala does not count).
Makeup silly names that only both of you get to call each other. Use masculine names like champion, chairman. DO NOT CALL HIM DAISY.
Start a hobby together.
Buy a present for his mum, dad or siblings. To be safe, make sure the gift is something you need to plug in to power.
Make him a special dinner. (Again, eba or amala does not count).
Leave a note on the night stand so that he sees it first thing in the morning
Send a sexy picture message to his phone.
Offer to wash his laundry or clean his car.

Book a couple’s massage. Call ahead to book a female masseuse. A fat one. Hairy if possible.
As much as we ladies love to be given gifts and shown nice gestures, it is time to reciprocate. Show love this season. Do you think we left any out?


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