For Being Pregnant At The Same Time, SEE What These 3 Abuja Friends Did Yesterday | Photos

Three Abuja-based ladies who are friends have done something totally surprising when they noticed they are pregnant at same time.


The three friends who obviously are fond of each other and are ready to make headlines shut down Abuja yesterday when they decided to do the unheard. The three friends decided to have a triple baby shower!

It has been a common occurrence to see women celebrate their pregnancy and the new baby that is about to come. However, these three women did the unexpected by having a big, three-in-one baby shower. It was a superb get together which dazzled lots of Nigerians with the triple dose of cuteness!

The three-in-one baby shower which is still trending on Instagram got Abuja ‘turnt up’ yesterday when the new mums to be identified as Mrs I, Olorunfemi Kus and LilMissHera decided to have a triple baby shower. Their beautiful friends all showed up to bless the day and here are some beautiful photos from the splendid event below:

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We wish the beautiful women a happy delivery!



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