Dubai Imposes Restrictions On Nigerians From Visiting, Read Why Here

Dubai has banned single and unmarried Nigerians less than 40 from visiting the country except the person is accompanied by someone who is above 40 and bears the same surname with them.


Read the instructions below.

“For Nigerians, please note the following:

*Single Ladies / Men travelling alone should be 40 years old and above.

*Married women travelling with children should be above 40 years old.

*Ladies / Men who are less than 40 years old will be allowed to travel if accompanied by someone who is above 40 and bears the same surname with them.

All visa applications are subject to approval. Once applied, full charges are applicable.

*In order to clear a file from the system, a cancellation charge of AED 110 will be applicable should a request be rejected by the immigration department.

*For Moroccans, Algerians, Libyans, Mauritanians and Tunisians nationality, minimum age requirement is 40 to apply the visa.

*For the rest of the nationalities, minimum age requirement to apply the visa is 21 years old for men and 23 years old for women”


  1. If that’s the new policy and law of Dubai then other nations should respect it. I am sure a lot was considered before they arrived at this. But that shows some discrimination in my opinion.

  2. Good for Nigeria for failing to fix this great nation. More and more insults await us. Who knows the next one may come from benin republic. Imagine Dubai?

  3. I think the decision was taking into consideration after a long delibration of the misconduct of Nigerians Singles in Dubai. There is no smoke without fire.

  4. Is a slap on our faces and is an indication of bad and corrupt government in nigeria for not fixing this great nation in terms of infastructures and social amenities. What an embarasment!!!

  5. God bless Dubai ,all stupid people that created problem in Nigeria and send there children to Dubai no way for u ….BT Dubai Nigeria no get rules even u ve a child of 5 years years bring him …shame on u Nigeria

  6. Good development. We should go and patronise our own Tinapia Resort in Cross Rivers and Delta and Lagos variants. Our mumu don do.

  7. Am having problem of small man hood and quick release when having sex. Pls. Send rely about hw solve these problem via my email address thanks.

  8. @ Silas you are right,and not just discrimination but,partiality,sentiment and been bias. But come think of it,there we be a cogent reasons behind such a drastic decision. Let’s change our attitude and characters as well,we should stop disgrace our own great and dear country Nigeria.

  9. This is rather unfortunate as I have been waiting to see if the Nigerian Government will come up with a response to this policy which in all respects is a discrimination on Nigerians. Fair enough, they have a duty to protect their citizens but at the same time a decision like this that have far reaching consequences for millions of Nigerians should not be made without some form of consultation with the Nigerian Government. If you ask me, Nigerian Govt. should come up with a retaliatory decision, for starters, ban all flights and carriers from the UAE from entering the Nigerian airspace. That I believe will show our non-acceptance of such biased and discriminatory policy against us

  10. Thanks for sharing. Though am glad we now have Dubai Consulate in the country but the process and requirements are overwhemling like other visas (western) and they need you to pay some security deposit of $1500. Who wants to cough out this amount for mere visa to middle east

     With other agency it is far more easier and they do it directly from Dubai. I will recommend spitzon LLC, I have used them couple of times.


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