DR Congo Launches Operation Against FDLR Rebels


The Democratic Republic of the Congo has launched an offensive attack against Rwandan Hutu rebels in the east of the country. BBC reports:

Ministers had previously pledged to target the FDLR militants after they failed to meet a deadline to disarm last month. Some FDLR leaders have been linked to the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

Their presence in DR Congo has been a key factor behind two decades of conflict in the region, with Rwanda demanding they be disarmed. The UN mission in DR Congo recently withdrew its support for the operation because it involved two government generals suspected of human rights abuses.

Tuesday’s attack took place in the South Kivu province, about 10km (six miles) from the border with Burundi, the military said. Speaking as army chiefs launched their assault, the outgoing US special envoy to the region said the government “owes it to its people” to end the threat posed by Rwandan Hutu rebels, reported the AFP news agency.


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