Cynthia Morgan – “Queen Ure Can Go To Court, I’m Not Afraid Of Her”


We have all heard of the current court brouhaha between Cynthia Morgan and Queen Ure.

Apparently, the case is still as hot as fire.

Cynthia Morgan has now come out to tell Saturday Beats that she’s not afraid of Queen Ure.

Cynthia said she’s not ready to change the title of the song “Popori” because it does not belong to anyone and she’s getting ready to drop the video for the song.

Cythia said: –

“My song, Popori, is still out and I am shooting the video for it very soon. Ure does not have anything on me and I don’t have any case with her. Popori is my song. I produced the song and came up with the title. I am from Edo State and I have been hearing the word Popori from my childhood. It was funny when she said that she was the one that invented the word popori and holds the copyright. She cannot even use a copyright for the word. If she had told me that she trademarked the word, then it would have been a separate thing. Even if she trademarked the word, our songs have two different spellings.

“So if she takes the case to a court, I am sure they would say she is being funny. It is just as I bear Cynthia and I decide to trademark the name if someone else spells hers as ‘Synthia;’ I cannot sue the person because they are two different spellings. It is funny to me because it is like someone saying they invented the word love and no one else should use it. I don’t have any problem with Ure and I am not scared of her. We don’t have any case. If everyone should do what she did to me, then it means my fellow artistes would be suing themselves over songs like Azonto, Shoki, Caro, and the likes. I think it is a funny situation. Instead of her being a ‘hater,’ she should be supporting the newer generations of artistes and feel proud that I used the word, popori. It doesn’t even make sense to me”.


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