‘All Women Are Prostitutes’ – Nigerian Actress Bares Her Mind

Yoruba actress, Bose Arowosegbe has said that all women are prostitutes and not only actresses.


She insisted that women in other field sell their bodies to achieve certain aims.

She said her soon-to-be-premiered movie, ‘Ta ni Asewo?’ (Who is a prostitute?), will show that there are more women of easy virtues in other professions than in the movie industry.

She disclosed this in a statement by her management team on Thursday in Lagos, PM News reports.

The actress explained that her movie will reveal what happens with other women in other sectors.

She added that through the film, people will know that actresses are more decent than other women out there.

Bose said: “What people don’t understand is that all women are prostitutes, not just actresses as they always insinuate.

“There are some other professions where prostitution is even more glaring, worse than those of us actresses that are being labelled prostitutes.

“If you take a look at other institutions, including banking, nursing and all that, you will find out that prostitution there is on the increase.

“But because actresses are in the limelight, people tend to say so many things about us.”

She urged the public to buy and watch the movie so they can see what is truly going on in other fields.

They will know we actresses are more decent than women in the other fields,” she stated.

There have been different allegations laid against the Nollywood ladies. Many are of the opinion that most of them are prostitutes, who sleep with producers for movie roles.

In 2014 Nollywood actor Emeka Ike had pointed accusing fingers at some Nollywood bigwigs for sleeping with actresses in exchange for roles.


  1. All women are not prostitute, u become a prostitute when u exchange ur body for money or one favor or the other, we have women who are prostitute in every field of life even house wife, we have many of them who are prostitute this days from the comfort of their homes, for the fact that the actresses’. Are always on limelight there stories are accessible it looks as if they are the worst is not true. but saying that all women are prostitute I disagrees is not true,

  2. there ar no prostitute,wich woman wil leave a better life and fall n to bad,if u look at it and observe u wil see those people that ar called prostitute ar innocent,they ar just few that ar doing it 4 spoiling there life,most of them ar doing it 2 solv there issue.

  3. Bose, grew up to know her mother, aunts and grandmother as prostitutes, she and her sisters just practice it as a way of life but that does not mean that all women are prostitutes. mere fact that prostitution run in their blood and her sisters and Aunts are in different profession does not surffice to say all women are prostitutes because am not

  4. Thank God she said all women including her mother n sisters n all d women in her family stupid looking f a way to market her useless n senseless movie, attention seeker, monkey, u think every woman is a protitute like u

  5. With decline in morality & the craz for wealth & fame. 98% of women prostituting for obvious reasons can not be totally wrong if they say all women are prostitutes. We should understand that perilous times is with us.

  6. I agree with Bose completely except her attempt to mellow the the activities of promiscuity in the show business world. That really is a world that got liberated sexually well in the forties. More so with members of the stage family. However the word ALL has to be viewed circumstantially because every woman will sell her body if the price tag is good. That price tag could be the need to safe a life. Away from this”ALL” will not apply to what ever percentage that attempt on some measure of morality.

  7. I sympathise with her. English as a medium of oral or written communication may not that easy for every one, even the owners of the language.

  8. Thank God actress bose arowosogbe spoke out what is in her mind.Ma point of correction not all women are prostitude,it depend on how a lady present her self.because you are an actresss who is not sertisfed with the little amount and good business you earn does not clerify you to call all women prostitude.you may choose prostitution as part of the work you do in oder to earn a living,that is your choice i can’t tell you to stop it.i belived you are mature enough to think and reason on how your life should be.just bear it in mind that your children will do more than what you engage in either good or bad.just because of wealth you have turn your self to a GLOBAL dog that any one can use and dump.your value is useless prstitution as turned you to a useless person that as no value.only GOD can tell how many husband you have left all because of your lack of maturity.Mind you my mum is not a prostitude nor any of my relatives.your mum may be a prostitude i don’t care.remember bose hell is yours if you don’t change before it get late.


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