6 Reasons Why Dating A BIG Man, Is Better

Lets face it, in this world, there are boys and then there are men. Though this has nothing to do with their size, every girl needs to find her a man, and really should find herself a BIG man. Why? Well here are 6 reasons why.

I figured I’d help y’all ladies with a few reasons on why dating a BIG man, is better:

We Are Made For Comfort
Let’s face it, we aren’t the boney and scrawny type with bones popping out every which way. We have a little extra cushion that makes it a little easier for you to get comfy no matter where we put your head. We aren’t made for speed, but we sure are made for comfort!

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We Tend To Be Secure In Our Emotions
If you grow up as a big guy, you’ve probably been through your share of crap. I remember growing up, a lot of kids would say stupid things to me to make themselves feel better. This helped me in life more than it hurt me though. It created a tough layer of skin, but a very soft and emotional inside. I am secure in my emotions. I have no problem telling you how I feel or feeling a certain way. Also most of us big guys have no problem listening and talking to others about how they feel.

We Didn’t Get This Way By Eating Crappy Food
You usually don’t become a big and grown man by eating food that doesn’t taste good. I mean when was the last time you cooked something horrible and went back for seconds? We know how to cook and some of us even like being in the kitchen.

We Won’t Judge How You Eat
Though I don’t eat complete junk, I can’t tell you the last time I judged someone because they ate something. If I’m dating a girl and she wants 2 dozen wings because she’s hungry, go get it! We may not eat as much as you, or as bad as you, but we know what it’s like to be judged. So we keep our two cents to ourselves.

We Are Kind of Like A Personal Buddha
I think when you’re a big guy, if you’re like most that I know and myself, you live life in a more calm way than others. You aren’t all hyper and crazy, but instead you are calm like Buddha. Don’t go rubbing our stomach, but being around us does seem to calm others. It might have something to do with the fact we can listen and talk to just about anyone, about anything.

We Like Making You Smile
Like I said before, we are in tune with our emotions and know how important it is to make someone smile. Most BIG guys will go the extra mile to make you smile because we care and it makes us smile. So if you like to smile, find a BIG guy.

Not all BIG guys are like this, I mean we are all very different. In general though, most of the big guys I know have these qualities. I don’t consider myself any better then anyone else though, I mean there are a lot of great folks out their no matter how big or small they are. Find someone that treats you right and makes you happy.

Except for me ladies, sorry but I’m happily taken. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of other BIG guys out there!



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