5 behind-the-scenes moves that helped Nigeria turn the tide against Boko Haram

The victories recorded by the military in recent weeks over the dreaded militant sect, Boko Haram, has seen several towns and villages reclaimed in the North East region.

Great news indeed!

But something that a lot of people have not been talking about are the crucial steps that were taken by President Goodluck Jonathan in the buildup to the latest military offensive.

It seems that President Goodluck Jonathan’s characteristically quiet nature is a perfect foil for his smooth strategies and having the psychological upper hand in protecting Nigeria’s territorial integrity.

Below are five crucial moves that have helped turn the tide:

1. Improved welfare and morale-boosting visit: There has been an improvement in welfare for the gallant and brave Nigerian soldiers waging the war. And recently did you see how their spirits received a further boost as the President and Commander-in-Chief visited military formations in Maiduguri and Baga. From the video below, this clearly worked.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaY3veJg7gs&app=desktop (WATCH)

2. Foreign diplomacy moves: From the later part of 2014, Jonathan embarked on crucial visits, prominent among which was the visit to some of the presidents of our neighbouring countries like Chad. These meetings were instrumental to the establishment of a multinational West African offensive. Mr. Adefuye, the Foreign Affairs minister also addressed the US parliament, slamming Washington for refusing to supply weapons and ammunition.

3. Consultations within the country – Jonathan has visited a number of stakeholders in the security sub-sector as well as thought leaders and traditional rulers from the North. Those visits smoothened the way for the current operations.

4. Reinforcing the military with equipment: Military equipment was procured by pivoting away from break in relations with traditional partners like the United States to China, Russia and Belarus.

5. Timing is everything: The military had said since December 2014 that it would begin a big offensive against the terrorists in February. It has stuck to that schedule and now producing results.


  1. I’m sure all normal thinking Nigerians have this on their minds… ‘Why now’ weeks b4 elections….abi GEJ thinks we r mumu ni….#liar

  2. olashile or whatever u are…. u are not just mumu you are also a big fool… u see progress done by your own military forces and you sit there waggling your rotten tongue at your own president. u must be a very rubbish guy

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  4. Dear goodluck Jonathan good or bad u must be our president now u have a prove that u can role Nigeria.we love u.u are a hero.me and my People Will vote for u.

  5. Boko Haram is really the ceation of APC. Why are they now crying that Jonathan is dealing with them? Vote Jonathan to restructure Nigeria. That is the only and real change to make Nigeria great.


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