See What Ayo Oritsejafor New Year Message Is About

President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, urged Nigerians to brace for challenges of the new year.

ayo oritsejafor

In his congratulatory message the cleric stressed the importance for people to remain unwavering in their faith no matter what happens.

“God tests us in such ways to enable us realize His greatness. You cannot realize the real value of your life if you have not compared it to something. God sends us trials so that we could understand the deepness of His goodwill and love. No one is alone until he has his faith.”

The CAN head also added that one should not focus on one’s problems, but on the ways of solving them.

“Look forward, because life is beautiful, and God created it for us.”


  1. A pastor engaged in gun running….What the fuck can he actually say that is credible. And to the fools that uphold and listen to him……..ONLY IN NIGERIA


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