Scissors Removed From Stabbed Victim’s Head


A Mexican stabbing victim was nicknamed “El Caballero,” that is, “The Gentleman” by hospital staff after politely requesting help removing a pair of scissors from his face. UPI has more:

Nandor Altamirano Carvajal, 30, a friend of the stabbing victim, Jonas Acevedo Monroy, 32, said the men were drinking at a bar in the northern Mexico city of Chihuahua when another patron became aggressive toward Monroy. 95 air max
Carvajal said the Monroy offered to buy the other man a drink, but his offer was met by the man taking out a pair of scissors and stabbing him in the face.

The attacker fled and Carvajal drove Monroy to a local hospital, where Monroy was nicknamed “The Gentleman” by staff.

“Staff were very surprised when the two walked in and the man with the scissors in his head shook the receptionist’s hand and said he seemed to have a small problem and would the receptionist mind helping him,” a hospital spokesman said.

“At first we thought it was some sort of joke, but then he fainted and we rushed him into emergency,” he said. “He had been stabbed in the upper-left side of his skull and the scissors had penetrated his parietal brain lobe. He is lucky to be alive.”



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