Ronaldo Wins Ballon d’Or


Real Madrid winger, Cristiano Ronaldo has been awarded the FIFA player of the year, edging Lionel Messi and Manuel Neuer in the process.

He said: “I want to continue to work as I have so far, to try and and win more titles, for my mother, for my father, for my son. To all the Portuguese people out there: I never thought that I would take this trophy back on three occasions. I want to become one of the greatest players of all time.”

FIFA released the statistics of the vote:

Cristiano Ronaldo: 37.66%

Lionel Messi: 15.76%

Manuel Neuer: 15.72%.


  1. “Justice, they said can only be delayed but not denied”. Frankly speaking, every right thinking person knows that CR7 is far and far better throughout than Messi. Messi does not deserve any of his previous best player awards at all. CR7 is all time the best. That is a Boy that changes clubs often to face different challenges. That is a guy that plays among selfish players that so much belief in personal scoring rather than assist. Count them, Benzema,Di Maria and many more that play with CR7 would want to register the score themselves rather than assisting. While Messi who glued to Barca cos of the benefits of assist he enjoys from benevolent play mates . He knows that he is tapping from the glory of good assisting players hence, as soon as he leaves Barca for another,his own is finish. That is why he is tied to the place since his youthful carreer.What makes a player great is his ability to changing clubs and joining other players. That is the meaning of calling them international players.


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