Indian Public Employee Fired For 25-year Absence From Work


A senior official with the Indian Central Public Works Department was fired after he failed to show up for work for 25 years. UPI has more:

Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu issued an order Thursday to terminate the employment of A.K. Verma, a former executive electrical engineer with the department.

The firing came at the end of an inquiry that heard Verma went on leave in December 1990 and had not reported for duty since then.

The inquiry heard Verma sought repeated extensions for his unsanctioned leave and refused orders to return to work. A previous inquiry accusing him of willful absence from duty in 1992 was delayed when the engineer failed to cooperate with the investigation.

“Owing to non-cooperation of Mr. Verma with the inquiry and for other reasons, it got delayed and a fresh charge sheet was issued in 2005. The inquiry report, establishing the charges was submitted in July 2007 and the same was accepted by the then-Minister of Urban Development in August 2007. But no further action was taken in the matter,” the Ministry of Urban Development said in a statement.




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