How A 25-Year-Old Man Raped 3-Year-Old Girl In Lagos


Little Chinansa (pseudonym) reportedly lost her innocence to a neighbour, who stole her virginity by pretending to be a friend. Though she is in kindergarten class two, Chinansa vividly remembered how she was allegedly defiled by 25-year-old Hamzat Afeez, a painter who lived in her parents’ house. PUNCH has full details:

During a visit to the residence on Remi Ogunjimi Street, in the Egbeda area of Lagos State, the minor told PUNCH Metrohow Afeez raped her and afterwards washed her pants to get rid of blood stains that came out of her private parts.

She said, “AZ (Afeez) took my sister inside his room and I followed him inside. AZ now removed my pants and put his thing in my bum-bum (private parts).

“Then blood came out on the bed. He now washed my pants. He now said he wanted to go and bath. I now went out and told my mummy. When my daddy came back, I also told my daddy.”

The victim’s father, Mr. Okechukwu, said his worry was how the memory of the incident would not hunt his daughter in the future.

The Ebonyi State indigene said his daughter’s health had deteriorated, adding that she had not been the same since the incident.

He said, “I have two kids. She is my first child, while I also have an eight-month-old girl. On the fateful day, I was at work on the Island when my wife called me around 2pm and told me the story.

“She said she was washing some clothes when AZ came out and asked to carry Ngozi, her baby, to relieve her of the stress. Chinansa is fond of her sister and she always followed her wherever she went. So, she followed AZ inside his room. It was when she came out that she told her mother that ‘AZ did rubbish to me’. She told me the same story.”

He said he had to control his temper after hearing the story from her daughter to avoid taking the law into his hand.

The furniture maker, after waiting till the following day, reported the matter at the Gowon Estate Police Station, just as the police came and arrested the suspect.


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