Graphic Pics: Fatal Accident On Ikorodu Road This Morning


Sad incident on Ikorodu road this morning, the Ketu area to be precise. A trailer carrying a container collided with a commercial bus, and the container it was carrying fell on some vehicles, leaving a few dead. The accident is causing serious traffic going into Ikorodu this morning. See some pics from the accident, but we warned, it’s graphic.


  1. Very sad for many innocent souls has been wasted,Am sure if someone has been patient enough to allowed per a second perhaps the accident might not have taken place. May God grant eternal rest to their souls IJN …

  2. This carnage must stop. We must find a way to put an end to trailers and containers accidents in this country. They are the main causes of deaths by road accidents for nearly 50 years now. Where are our so called road and transport experts?


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