Gov Fashola Says He Doesn’t Have His PVC Yet; Do You Have Yours?


The Sultan of Sokoto told president Jonathan during his visit in the state that he’s yet to get his PVC. Lagos State governor Raji Fashola also revealed yesterday that he’s also yet to get his. During a rally in Ajeromi Local Government yesterday, he explained why;

“I have tried many times but I have not been able to get my PVC. Even the Sultan of Sokoto is yet to collect his PVC. I have been fighting them because of the shoddy way the voters registration went on in Lagos. I know that many people have not been able to get theirs, but I urge people not to relent. Everyone should go to the wards where they registered to get their PVCs. Even if you don’t get it on the first day, do not relent till you get it.” he said.


  1. Your excellency, your lies would not help you. GEJ all the way round. After all.your dropout candidate(GMB) does not have certificate to vie. His fake result claims he wrote Hausa back to 1961 when Hausa wasn’t part of Naija curriculum. At the needed level Cambridge university would tell the world the reality. He thought we are still at the era that he used gun to force himself on Nigerians?


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