Genevieve Nnaji: I Am Not Like The Arrogant Characters I Play


Genevieve Nnaji has been called the Julia Roberts of Africa for her “exceptional talent and glamorous looks”. But there’s so much more about this highly sought-after actress. So we take you back to one of her most interesting revelations in an interview she granted Mimi Magazine years back when she talked about the biggest misconception people have about her.

The question the interviewer, Lola Kingo, asked Genevieve Nnaji was, “Everyone thinks they know you like they’re your best friend, what is the biggest misconception people have about you?”

In Genevieve’s words: “That statement is so true and nobody has put it quite like that to me. Most people I meet already feel they know me. Some don’t realize that I am nothing like the characters I have played. They are surprised that I am a bit reserved. I love listening to people and not the other way round. I would say that the biggest misconception is that I am an arrogant person. I find that when one is principled or confident, people tend to misread it as arrogance.”



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