Buhari calls for arrest & prosecution of people involved in election violence


Well said


Source: LIB


  1. Democracy is an asset and not a liability or a charge. Elelection is the process one use in engaging in the asset. Electioneering campaigns is not and must not turn into horific war campaign. Supporters must not be seen as recruted infantry sent our for battle. A true politician must not use provocative and inciting ineundos. Two team playing in the field uses their legs to play the ball passing it to the post. When they leave the ball to go after opponent legs, heads and eyes then it is no longer a game. Politics is a gameful competition between parties who both celebrate the winning team. Therefore the government should arrest and thouroghly prosecut those that turn election into war and battle. The history past must not be repeated. We should show the wourld that we have grown to maturity for others to emulate. Peace to Nigeria


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