APC Unveils 5 Platforms For Campaign Fundraising

The All Progressives Congress (APC) January 20 spoke about the party’s strategies regarding raising funds to finance its presidential campaign.

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The opposition party explained that their aim was to democratize the campaign funding process in Nigeria and make it transparent, Premium Times reports.

Lagos State governor and APC Fundraising Committee director, Babatunde Fashola, said it was important “to show that Nigeria is a civilized country and that things can be done differently and that change is upon us”.

According to Fashola, who addressed the party chieftains in Lagos, said that the Committee had introduced 5 platforms through which ordinary Nigerians could contribute to the fund. The idea was to involve ordinary people and demonstrate the APC’s commitment to the accountability of the process.

“Today, we unveil many platforms where those who can vote and, indeed, those who cannot vote, can still participate in the elections by contributing to the Buhari-Osinbajo [presidential candidate and his running mate – Naij.com] Campaign. This Campaign will need money, as every other campaign does, but we are very clear about what we will be spending this money on.”

Fashola continued that the gathered money was to be on payment of agents’ fees and honoraria on election days, “getting APC’s campaign message of Change to the people, transport costs for those who are engaged in the campaign, printing materials and so on”.

“All of the money will go towards effecting the change we desire and for rescuing Nigerians from bad government. In essence we are democratizing campaign funding by the strategic partnerships that we have formed.”

The Committee reportedly launched five platforms the first of which is partnership with the First Bank, Zenith Bank, Access Bank, Guarantee Trust Bank and Eco Bank which agreed to provide base for those who want to pay by cash lodgments in the banks.

“These are the banks which for now have agreed to follow the pattern which we designed for them in order to make campaign fund donations easy.”

The next payment platform is the Electronic payment platform. To enable payment people would need to log in the APC’s domain name www.apcgmbpyo.org and follow the instructions.

“This electronic platform will enable those who are in Nigeria and those who are not in Nigeria to use either their telephones, their credit cards or their debit cards by linking up to any of these platforms to contribute to the change they desire for Nigeria.”

The third platform is “the short messaging service known as text messaging” in the course of which people could text 35350 and donate up to N100.00.

“You can, however, send as many text messages as you want to if you want to contribute more than N100.00. And once you do that, the amount you contribute will be credited in your name and your telephone number to Buhari-Osinbajo Campaign Fund.”

The fourth option is, according to Fashola, is the following:

“Once you buy the ringtone online, you will be contributing to the Buhari-Osinbajo Campaign Fund. All you need to do is download APCGMBPYO ring tone and you will be contributing N100.00 to the Fund.”

Finally, the fifth platform is “the Scratch Card” for which the Committee partnered with a company called One Card. Each of their scratch cards has a value written on it from N100.00 to N1,500.00.

“For any scratch card you buy, the value of the card will be credited in your name and telephone number to the contribution towards the change of bad governance if you dial *979*22*pin# and then you send and you will be contributing towards change in Nigeria.”

By providing transparency and accountability of the fundraising process, the Committee wants “to give this nation back to the ordinary people; because for a long time there has been a lot of mischief about how elections are funded”.

Fashola expressed optimism over their plan:

“If we succeed, as we will, then ordinary people will fund the party and their candidates and in that sense have a voice in the process that affects them. Therefore, Ladies and Gentlemen, this fundraising will be different from the traditional ones that we have been accustomed to and this is part of the Change that our Party, the APC, represents.

“We can hear, we can see and we can feel the desire of ordinary Nigerians for Change and, therefore, this fundraising strategy has been designed to give every ordinary Nigerian the opportunity to participate in effecting that Change. We have also seen the enthusiasm of young people to participate in this election, especially those who are voting for the first time.”


  1. APC has been consistent in saying dat PDP has ruled Nigeria for 16 disastrous years in which corruption, impunity, insurgency, armed robbery and several ill society held sway.
    But at a very close luk at APC, I am seeing
    1. Rotimi Amaechi – 8years speaker, 7years Governor under PDP
    2. Atiku Abubakar – 8years Vice president under PDP
    3. George Akume – 8years Governor under PDP
    4. Bukola saraki – 8years Governor, 2years Senator under PDP
    5. Timipre Sylver – 4years Governor under PDP
    6. Audu Ogbe – 2years Chairmanship under PDP
    7. Aminu Masari – 4years speaker, house of Rep under PDP
    8. Chris Ngige – 3years Governor under PDP
    9. Rabiu Kwankwaso – 7years Governor, 3years Defense Minister under PDP
    10. El Rufai – 4years FCT Minister, 2years BPE chairman under PDP
    11. And to cap it all, Obasanjo is d Navigator of APC, a man who spent 8years of d disastrous 16years as d maximum ruler of Nigeria.
    It is now clearer dat APC is a waste basket of PDP, wia d people who created n perpetuated d 16disastrous years are now dumped, so wia is d CHANGE comim 4rm?
    Are they now saints cos d joined APC? Pls, b wise n Vote not 4 those seekin power by FORCE… ASSOCIATION OF PAST CRIMINALS (APC)


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