Obasanjo’s book sells out, SSS block importation of more copies


The controversial autobiography of former President Olusegun Obasanjo titled “My Watch” has reportedly sold out just four days after it was officially launched.

An associate to the former President who spoke with Sahara Reporters, said Obasanjo has exhausted the first copies of the book. “Baba sold all the copies that were brought in,” the associate said

The book sold out despite a high court injunction to stop it from circulating. A judge had ordered that copies of the book be confiscated by the police and the DSS after Obasanjo went ahead to launch it despite a court order not to do so…

The associate of the former President who spoke to SR said SSS have stopped the importation of more copies of the book. “The SSS people have told us that they won’t allow more copies of the book into the country,”

The three volume book among many things, critiqued the leadership style of President Jonathan as well as his former VP Atiku Abubakar, Late President Yar’Adua as well former Governors Ibori, Tinubu and Saraki.


  1. There is nothing cerebral about this wishy washy nonsense of Obasanjo’s megalomenical book. It was an exercise inspired by nothing but the heroism of the lunatic. It is the deliberate criminal contempt that has given it this unmerited publicity otherwise it was destined for the refuse dump where it is bound to end up any way.

  2. A certain degree of decorums accompany recognition. No matter the circumstance now, Chief Obasanjo is a father in Africa. I salute his courage

  3. OBJ is a father in Africa and you cannot talk great men in Africa without mentioning him. Please let us give that respect. As a matter of fact all he mentioned in the book are correct. And the man that took him to court (Kashamu) should visit USA and come back then we will know that OBJ lied against him. All he said about GEJ are right…period


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