Nigerian Woman Allegedly Murdered By Husband In Houston, Texas


A Nigerian woman named Anastacia Oaikhena Lambert (pictured left) was found dead in her home in Houston, Texas on Monday December 8th and Houston police are now looking for her estranged husband,Achilles Lambert, who has gone missing with the couple’s 11 month old baby.

27 year old Anastacia was found stabbed to death and her body stuffed inside a refrigerator in the Houston apartment. The decomposing body was found by maintenance workers after a strong foul odor was perceived coming from the woman’s home.

The couple’s 11 months old son is now believed to be with  38-year-old Patrick Lambert, who police suspect killed his estranged wife and have put his face out.

Just two months ago, Anastacia called 911 to report that her husband was threatening her with a knife but when police got there the couple had settled and no charges were ever filed.

According to KHOU, the Achilles has not been seen or heard from in about a week. And that is how long they think Anastacia had been in the refrigerator. The last time she was seen by neighbours walking around the complex was about two weeks ago

An Amber Alert has since been issued for the missing baby…


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