Nigerian Soldier Sentenced To Death For Mutiny cries Out On Facebook


Fahat Fahat is one of the 64 soldiers sentenced to death for not fighting Boko Haram. He says it’s because they were not well equipped.


  1. God is with you because they want you to comit suicide but you refused thatz why if not why are they equip boko haram from villa to sambisa and they refuse to equip our army.

  2. Please take your case back to the barracks. It has nothing to do with bloody civilians. You can not run with the hare and hunt with the hounds.

  3. Osime don’t talk like dat wot abot if dis young Nigerian happen to b ur blood broda dis is nt case of civilian or military, Nigeria is a family lets b our brothers keeper. I am using dis opportunity to beg mr. President to com to d aid of dis future Nigerians.

  4. It wil b so unwise for d military to cary out such sentence, y wil de fight wen de r nt wel equipt n dis wil discourage young nigerians frm enlistin into d army

  5. dis is so bad,for a well developed country as Nigeria,because about did u are not encouraging Nigeria to join did military camp.think twice on did development

  6. well d army authority should give those men opportunity for fair hearing. No body should shed innocent blood again in this country. As far as nija is today those soldiers are innocent.


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