Nigerian Prophet Gives 2015 Prophecies, You Won’t Believe What He Said Would Happen To Jonathan


2015 Prophecies of Apostle Dr.Ogochukwu Tochukwu AmaukwuI term 2015 as a year of Total Victory and Glory. The way you pray now in 2015 will determine how glorious 2016 will be.

1. We must pray that there will be election in 2015. I foresee problems coming before the election that may stop the election. What God revealed to me is there will be no election in 2015 if we do not pray to avert it.
2. I see serious violence errupting,we must pray now against the return of military to power. I see the military taking power by force amidst violence.
3. I am repeating this again,the military is secretly planning to return to power. I see a new leader in a military uniform. We need to pray to avert this.
4. We must pray seriously against war in Nigeria. We must pray seriously so that nothing hinders the coming election.
5. If at all there will be election in 2015,I see President Goodluck jonathan returning as president.
6. President Goodluck Jonathan is the last PDP president.
7. I see APC winning seventy percent(70%) of the seats but i see PDP taking the presidency.
8. If at all there will be election,APC will claim to have won the presidential election and will drag PDP to court
9. APC will accuse President Goodluck Jonathan,PDP and INEC for rigging the election in favour of President Goodluck Jonathan,but the court will give it to Goodluck jonathan.
10. There shall be a cry for a re-election.
11. There will be massive rigging here and there.
12. If there will be election in 2015,there will be gross and manipulative conducts in the election.
13. Four northern states will not take part in the election due to terrorist attacks.
14. I see an unknown person(christian) rule lagos.
15. Power tussle between two major parties.
16. There will be a carefully planned plot against President Goodluck Jonathan to harm him.
17. INEC guide your offices,i see bomb sent there! Guide your offices.
18. President Goodluck jonathan has a good agenda and plan for Nigeria but the evil and dirty pigs around him are messing up his work,thereby making him a victim of public shame.
19. Rotimi Amaechi be careful and prayerful against troubles.
20. Owelle Rochas be very careful. You wil be betrayed by APC.
21. Tinubu,your health. Please check your health. I foresee disagreement between you and your mentee,fashola.
22. Desmond Elliot,God has remembered you. Be more prayerful,and rely not on human strenght.
23. We should pray seriously against break up.
24. Nigeria will eventually become the pride of the World.
25. Our airports are porous. Security should be tightened.
26. Enugu pray,pray for your land. Pray for your women.
27. Lets pray for our heroes,icons,elder statesmen/women against sudden death.
28. There will be massive arrests and imprisonment of human right activists.
29. Total change of cabinet.
30. Electricity will be stable in Nigeria come 2016.
31. In 2015,the mighty will fall.
32. Confusion between Nigeria and cameroun.
33. Unusual kidnappings.
34. Many ritualists,kidnappers will be caught.
35. Massive deaths.
36. In 2015,the die hards will be crushed,the untouchables will be touched.
37. Triple bomb explosions will rock major cities in Nigeria.
38. Building collapse.
39. Sporadic killings,fire raging and burnings in public places.
40. I see the ibru family in court again. The bank issue not over..trying to re-claim ownership.
41. Bank reforms on going.
42. Serious rainfall at the middle of the year.
43. Strange wind blowing off roofs,building collapse.
44. ASUU you’re getting more corrupt,beware of trouble.
45. There shall be huge laughter and celebrations in many homes.
46. Massive restoration.
47. This would be a year of divine encounter with God for many.
48. Many homes will experience divine visitation.
49. A year of total recovery and restoration.
50. What you lost shall be restored.
51. Many witches/wizard/cultists shall be exposed,disgraced and judged by God.
52. Forgotten dreams will be actualized.
53. Some difficult situations shall receive quick and instant answers to prayers. Many will be car owners.
54. All hope is not lost for the jobless,many shall find miracle jobs.
55. Sudden promotion beyond imagination.
56. A sincere cry to God will be speedily answered.
57. Those considered barren shall be mothers of twins and triplets.
58. If you want to see God more,pray more this year.
59. There shall be instant judgement of the wicked and instant promotion for the just.
60. There shall be angelic visitations and deliverances.
61. Those close to God in 2015 will experience total victory.
62. Every act of honesty will be rewarded this year.
63. For holy people,they will experience unusual dimensions of grace and power.
64. Nollywood still pray for your members. Pray against deaths for your members,also top musicians and entertainers.
65. Pray against scandals that will affect them internationally.
66. A particular artiste will be accused of theft.
67. Some will also be arrested for smuggling drugs.
68. God says many are into lesbianism,homosexualism and occultism for fame and power. Unless you come together and cry to God in repentance,you will be in open shame.
69. Pray against heartbreaks in relationships,divorces,sicknesses and deaths.
70. God says some are into covenants with the devil and presently experiencing the consequences. Unless you repent and cry to God,more will keep going.
71. Many occultic churches/ministries and preachers will be exposed and disgraced.
72. Ritualists parading themselves as preachers but are kidnappers,rapists and ritualists shall be exposed.
73. Mind where you go for prayers. I see one collapsing and dying in a church and that will lead to serious allegations.
74. Some ministries/churches will gain international recognition. I see God using them to perform unusual miracles that will stand them out.
75. Mighty revival explosion in Auchi.
76. This is a warning to those who talk recklessly against anointed men/women of God. This year make sure you don’t try it as God’s judgement will come suddenly on people this year. Whatever you don’t understand,it is better to keep quiet and pray instead of criticizing or insulting preachers. May your destiny not be cut short in Jesus’ name. God will defend his servants this year…
77. Revival will emerge in CAC. God is raising an evangelist like Apostle joseph Babalola.
78. God says Assemblies of God,Nigeria will come out from its present crisis. God will thoroughly purge and weed out all fake prophets and then finally restore all.
The government should consider the following areas and effect changes where necessary:
A. Education: This should be taken seriously
B. SECURITY: Ensure that people are safe,propertiessafe too. This will encourage investors to come.
C. Create avenues for job security for school leavers and job seekers.
D. ELECTRICITY: Citizens,investors need this.
E. AGRICULTURE: Encourage citizens to get involved in this. Support those in need of finance to do this.
F. INVENTIONS/INDUSTRY: Encourage the youths to invent things with supervision. Celebrate our locally made products and promote it by exporting them rather than importing things every now and then.
G. Allow individuals to excercise their human rights without harrassments from the police etc.
H. Stop all forms of corruption starting from the top to the least government official.
I. Allow each state to manage its resouces to the best of their abilities. Every state should be allowed to have storage centres where their resources are stored and managed for the betterment of their states and people. Some percentage could be remitted to the Federal. This will make it easier for states to grow and manage their resources effectively hereby removing unecessary burdens on the Federal.
79. China and Japan unsafe yet from earthquakes and natural disasters.
80. Russia be warned or you will be reduced to dust.
81. Some parts of USA will be hit by natural disasters.
82. More international plane crashes.
83. More missle strikes in palestine from Israeli soldiers.
84. Haiti will be remembered again.
85. Syria be warned.
86. Ghana your president should be careful of betrayals from unfriendly friends.
87. Cameroun more road constructions and economic change.
88. Uganda,God’s glory shall dawn on you.
89. I see God intervening in kenya.
90. After series of violence in. Egypt,there will experience rest steadily.
91. There shall be a massive yearning for God.
92. Lawlessness in parts of Europe.
93. Scientific breakthroughs.
94. There will be more inventions in 2015
95. The issue of terrorism shall become a major concern to be handled.
96. South Africa your country needs serious prayers against more deaths. Your leaders have turned away from God. Repent now and God will heal your land.
97. Jacob Zuma,i see people accusing your government and policies. I see serious allegations against you that could threaten the peace there. Many are against your return to power.
98. Efforts should be made in South Africa to stop kidnapping and robbery especially at the airports.


  1. Abeg dis idiot iz nt man of God joor, all wat he sees iz common tinz dat happen during election in Nigeria, Mr Prophet we know that there’s a building that collapse @ synagogue. All wat u say iz nonsense.

  2. Why are nigerians too quick to criticize and discredit their own person? If these prophesies were coming from outside the country, i believe many of them would have taken it seriously. Someone who is addressed as a man of God just gave a prophecy of what will happen in 2015, it is not for us to begin to speculate and questition his credibility. Leave that for God to judge, after all, he only said people should pray to avert any calamity that might happen in 2015, and that is the right thing to do. This is one major problem we have in this country, nigerians don’t believe themselves.

  3. Are u expressing ur opinion, predicting or prophesying? An idiot could also say all those. Please tell us what good things that will happen in Nigeria and government?

  4. I hav ever nerver see a person who hav a serious mental problem like this crazy,idiot,busted,climing pastor in my entire life. I’m advising the police headqauter to arest this incomplete person becouse, if not he may create a serious problems and violence b/w nigerians and stop him from preaching any where in wold.his idiot never diserved to be a pastor becouse he don’t have any knowledge or experiency that he can spread to the people. And I’m telling him dat he will receive his funishement in the hereafter ( on the day of judgement) as a result of lies agaist the inocent prophets.

  5. Who is this shit ass bitch prophet,that can not see,I think is hungry…..he needs money that’s why he can not see!all dis fake ass bitch nigga…?

  6. U no get sense. Dd u knw who a prophet is? This is madness. Y not say this is my thought and everyone else have different thought. So simple

  7. Prophet’s either fake or real must say something, plzz u ppl should leave this man alone, let him swim alone in his pool of foolishness.
    He has an empty brain. He cant even convince a 3yrs old kid with his writtings,, its not a prediction, he just woke up and wrote nonsense.

  8. All of You talking nonsense should keep quiet, if you’re nt ready to pray for changes in Nigeria just read and pass-bye.

    some always put themselves into trouble, pls, repent …

  9. There is no difference with his voice than that of NOAH in the bible. Pray that God does not single you out for all the calamities because you have raised your imagination against the prophets.

  10. Hahahahahahahahahaha, the prophet is funny? How can you see military taking over and at the same time predict the winner, remember you said there may be no election? Abegi

  11. What the prophet said is possible, remember God can deliver his message through you some day. Repent and never judge a man of God, no matter what… His predictions. Is left For him and his God

  12. I feel if at all these said by ds prophet are true, I’m not certain that he supposed to put fear in d mind of ppl as a man of God u say and supposed to see a good thing and not total disaster. If 90% of ur prophesy is bad and just 10% is good then u really need to pray. Man of God or no man of God u most be very careful at every word u say.

  13. This man have been purchased by politicians to come and be telling people rubbish, you are a lier, it is your entire family that will break up, and let me assure you in case you don’t know PDP are BH and BH are PDP, so GEJ is only good to rule to his ijew people not nigeria again, you stupid idiot don’t take us for fool, even you so called men of God this days your alters are full of skulls and bones in your quest for power to convince people to come to your churches so that you can use their tithes to enrich yourself. You think we don’t know that 98% of you people are bunches of cults and ritualist. God will punish all of you who hide in the name of God to preach lies and deceit to people, you fool. Everything will find with this country comes 2015 in Jesus name, God will turn things around for the good of those who truly love him. And you will see peace reign in this country you evil man, we know this fully well that even the real prophets those can give many revelations like that they prophecize base on what God want his people. Not people like you who pray for evil days to come RUBBISH.

  14. Many of you here would say, ‘If I were in the days of Jesus, I wouldn’t throw a stone at him’. Why not you forget if the man is fake or real and pray for God to protect you. Everyone knows 2015 election may be bloody but our prayers can make it more peaceful than last election. Instead of praying so, many of you are starting the cyber war with the elects. PEACE!

  15. I can’t believe what I’m seeing here! Reading through some of the postings here I began to wonder whether Nigerians have descended this very low that they can no longer write simple English! You may say English is not your Mother tongue but it is the official language of Nigeria. I hope the use of social media has not damaged your ability to write simple English! Please retrace your steps.

  16. This is hw satan d devil uses fake people like this man to deceive people in the name of God. Sadly, people still believe them. This is purely a man of the devil. Pls don’t be deceived by this worthless faker.

  17. thank you Prophet. May the Lord be praised as we wait patiently in expectation of the fulfilment of the prophecies. Manaratha.

  18. You these criminals in the Holy and Godly uniform should stop blasphemy the the name of “ALMIGHTY GOD” for your ritual and your financial benefits. You are sociologist and not a prophet. Let us start, be told that God does not say two or three messages on a particular thing. God is specific in his message as per an issue. Let us now disect your predictions because I don’t want us to call it prophecies. You said God told there wouldn’t be elections, but shortly,the same God told you later that if there will be election at all Godluck Jonathan will win. Again,you said you saw a new leader in Military uniform,but later saw Goodluck in case there will be election. So God has two mouths? Babalawo, judgement is waiting for or you better repent for everlasting life ahead.

  19. what if all these prophecies come to pass? what people know they destroy what they don’t know they talk about. small minds talk about people, average mind talk about event and great minds talk about idea. oh foolish nigerians who has bewitched you… let face reality, if he is truelly a prophet then all these must surelly come to pass else its void statement. let stop being sentimental by posting only our minds. thank you.

  20. As for me, my understanding of the bible shows that it is only promises that are conditional. Prophecies and revelations are never conditional. They are things that would come to pass by God’s revelation without any conditions attached to it becasue God has already known how all concerned would behave and the circumstances that would guide their actions. Once a prophet says you should pray to avert an occurence, it is no longer a prediction or revelation. The condition to recorgnise a prophet that speaks from God according to the bible is that his prophecy would come to pass not that it would happen if something happens or if somebody prays or does not pray or if somebody does or does not do something.

  21. Thou shall not Judge so that you will not be Judge my fellower nigerians be carefull the way you comment. He said pray so there fore pray. One problem with we nigerians is critism. All is well that end well says papa adeboye. Please God and not GAd. Abbreviation has made many not to know how 2 spell.

  22. I can’t blame people that criticize men of God. Even the greatest prophet,Jesus was criticized and wasn’t accepted. Jesus said,’….a prophet is not honoured in his home,…..’

  23. 2015 Prophecies By Prophet Olaye George

    Prophecies of the Most High God came to Prophet George the son of Olaye that which I Prophet Olaye George heard clearly concerning people, organisations, cities, states and nations when I was praying.


    1. Hear the voice of Almighty God today and give ear to that which is sharper than two edged sword. For God has spoken and the wise listens carefully; Thus saith the LORD GOD; Alot will happen in 2015. Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan will become the winner of Nigeria 2015 election if he is prayerful, focus and committed but he will not act the way people expected him to act in his next tenure as president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria saith the LORD GOD.

    2. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Borno, Yobe, Bauchi, Gombe, Adamawa, Taraba, Kano, Abuja, Maiduguiri and Lagos will experience deadly terrorist attacks in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    3. Thus saith the LORD GOD; There will be land disputes in Delta State, Nigeria and this land disputes will take lives and properties until the intervention of law enforcement agents which will apprehend some suspects and restore peace and unity to the affected community saith the LORD GOD.

    4. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Crisis will take place in Lagos, Nigeria. This crisis will start unexpectedly in one day and then grow bigger than ever imagined the next day saith the LORD GOD.

    5. Thus saith the LORD GOD; 2015 Nigeria election will be filled with irregularities. There will be mass rigging and manipulation in some parts of Nigeria. Some states will not partake in 2015 election saith the LORD GOD.

    6. Thus saith the LORD GOD; There will be great security threats in Nigeria borders and Northern Eastern Nigeria. Boko Haram will expand their attacks to neighbouring countries targeting communities, schools and markets. Neighbouring countries Boko Haram will attack in 2015 are Niger, Chad and Cameroon. There will be mass destruction of lives and properties in Nigeria and in Nigeria borders by Boko Haram. Many will lose their lives, properties and they will be refugees in their own country in 2015. These refugees will go about without shelter, food and water for days and weeks. They will cry out to Governments and Non-Governmental Organisations for help saith the LORD GOD.

    7. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Nigeria police stations, State Security Service Offices, Army Barracks, Nigeria Airports, INEC offices, Banks, Schools, Motor parks, Markets, Churches and Mosques should tighten up securities in their premises for Boko Haram will attack in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    8. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Ex-militants in Southern part of Nigeria will protest for non-payment of allowance in 2015 saith the LORD GOD

    9. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Diezani Alison-Madueke will receive her reward in 2015 in Nigeria saith the LORD GOD.

    10. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Boko Haram will abduct males and females in 2015. These Boko Haram abducted females and males will be recruited into Boko Haram and be trained to become terrorists saith the LORD GOD.

    11. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Central Bank Of Nigeria will introduce new banking policies that will improve Nigeria banking system in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    12. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Boko Haram will kill a prominent leader in Nigeria that will cause temporal unrest in Nigeria in 2015. After the killing of this prominent Nigerian leader, Boko Haram will admit to the killing and sound it as a warning saith the LORD GOD.

    13. Thus saith the LORD GOD; A very popular Nigeria entertainer will die in 2015 and people within and outside Nigeria will mourn the demise of this very popular Nigeria entertainer saith the LORD GOD.

    14. Thus saith the LORD GOD; A public holder will be exposed of using a fake academic certificate in Nigeria in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    15. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Boko Haram will kill an important Nigerian leader and this killing will cause reactions within and outside Nigeria in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    16. Thus saith the LORD GOD; There will be obstructions in the 2015 election in Nigeria and if these obstructions are not resolved, it will affect Nigerians, the elections and there will be a cry for a new election saith the LORD GOD.

    17. Thus saith the LORD GOD; There will be serious rainfall accompanied by strong wind blowing off roofs, destroying of trees, electric appliances and infractures in Nigeria in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    18. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Secret of a prominent public holder will be exposed and be disgracefully driven out of office in Nigeria in 2015. This public holder has record of misconduct which will be used against this public holder to be disgracefully driven out of office in Nigeria in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    19. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Towns that were lost to Boko Haram will be captured by the Nigeria Army and later lost again to Boko Haram in 2015. The war against Boko Haram is seasonal saith the LORD GOD.

    20. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Boko Haram captives and refugees will gain freedom and narrate their ordeal to the world. Their stories will be shocking and very emotional saith the LORD GOD.

    21. Thus saith the LORD GOD; There will be changes of public holders positions. President Goodluck Jonathan will retire and appoint public holders in various offices in Nigeria in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    22. Thus saith the LORD GOD; 2015 will be filled with strange news of building collapse destroying lives and properties in several parts of Nigeria. People will mourn their lost in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    23. Thus saith the LORD GOD; The spirit of greed and the spirit of immoralities will be on the increase in 2015 in Nigeria. The year 2015 will experience unusual increase in crime. Many will be charged for murder, robbery, kidnapping, fraud, vandalism, cultism, human rituals, rape, defilements, molestations and trafficking in 2015 saith the LORD GOD


    24. There will be great flood in Nigeria, Sri Lanka, South Malaysia, Thailand, China and United State Of America in 2015. This flood will make people flee their homes in search of comfort and these people will become homeless temporary. Government and Non-Governmental Organisation AIDS shall come to help these affected people saith the LORD GOD.

    25. Thus saith the LORD GOD; France, United Kingdom, United State Of America and Japan will be hit by a deadly snow fall in 2015. This deadly snow fall will make people abandoned their cars, people will be stranded and old people will die of cold. People will be indoors during this deadly snow and most social activities shall be suspended as a result of this deadly snow fall which will be aided by a strong wind saith the LORD GOD.

    26. Thus saith the LORD GOD; There will be false accusations on journalists and human right activists in some countries. These false accusations will be used on the journalists and human right activists to be imprisoned, attacked, kidnapped and murdered in 2015. These journalists and human right activists will beg for pardon. People will protests for the release of these journalists and human right activists saith the LORD GOD.

    27. Thus saith the LORD GOD; There will be plane crash in United State Of America, Nigeria, Indonesia, Turkey and India in 2015. Loved ones will be at the airport weeping and mourning their loved ones. A special ceremony will be made to those that died saith the LORD GOD.

    28. Thus saith the LORD GOD; A shooter will kill people and kill himself in United State of America in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    29. Thus saith the LORD GOD; lives and properties will be lost in gang violence in Mexico and Columbia in 2015. This gang violence will start small but become a big gang violence. Family members and friends of gang members will die from this gang violence. Grave will be discovered for mass burial outside of a town in Mexico and Columbia in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    30. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Jacob Zuma and South Africa Government will be accused and there will be unrest in South Africa saith the LORD GOD.

    31. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Real estate will encounter several problems in United State Of America in 2015. Many real estate workers in United State Of America will have to get another job saith the LORD GOD.

    32. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Several schools in United State Of America will be closed as a result of natural disasters. Many of these schols will be taken by surprise saith the LORD GOD.

    33. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Korea stock market share will increase rapidly saith the LORD GOD.

    34. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Mayors in United State Of America will be attacked and abused. There will be a big division among Mayors and police in the United State Of America in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    35. Thus saith the LORD GOD; There will be earth quakes and land slide in China, United State Of America and Japan in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    36. Thus saith the LORD GOD; God is searching for those that will go to Middle East to proclaim the good news saith the LORD GOD.

    37. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Many Christians will be deceived by fake miracles in 2015 and many Christians will be blessed by genuine miracles. There will be miraculous events that will shake the world in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    38. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Satan will use same sex marriages to cause divisions among Christians worldwide in 2015 saith the LORD.

    39. Thus saith the LORD GOD; The first solar aircraft to circumnavigate the globe saith the LORD GOD.

    40. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Expo 2015 is held in Milan, Italy saith the LORD GOD.

    41. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Scientist will manufacture the first self-regulating artificial heart in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    42. Thus saith the LORD GOD; There will be increase of electric car ownership worldwide in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    43. Thus saith the LORD GOD; United States Of America, Spain and Italy will experience mass emigrants in 2015. These emigrants will come from third world countries saith the LORD GOD.

    44. Thus saith the LORD GOD; There will be use of chemical weapons in Syria in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    45. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Members of the United State Of America Rescue operation will be killed by terrorists in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    46. Thus saith the LORD GOD; There will be a plane crash that will kill a very influential United State Of America citizen in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    47. Thus saith the LORD GOD; There will be an assassination on a prominent India leader in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    48. Thus saith the LORD GOD; A popular America entertainer will die a shocking death in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    49. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Economies will be affected by the stock market in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    50. Thus saith the LORD GOD; There will be unrest in Ukrain and Greece in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    51. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Russia will test new weapons and causing reactions from international communities in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    52. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Al-Shabaab, contaminated water and hunger will kill several people in Somalia in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    53. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Satan will spread the spirit of Homosexuality in Africa in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    54. Thus saith the LORD GOD; A special tribute to Nelson Mandela will be made in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    55. Thus saith the LORD GOD; A special breed of the monkey family will be discovered in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    56. Thus saith the LORD GOD; Armed Militants will kill several people in Kenya and several Militants will also be killed in Kenya in 2015 saith the LORD GOD.

    He that have ear let him hear what the LORD GOD have said

    God Bless You

    Prophet Olaye George




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