New York Couple Marry Aboard Train


A New York couple who said some of their most important moments took place on the subway had their wedding in front of surprised passengers on the N-train in New York. UPI was there:

Hector Irakliotis, 26, and Tatyana Sandler, 25, exchanged their vows in formal dress Friday as the N train crossed the Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn.

Irakliotis boarded the train with his groomsmen about 3:30 p.m. at the Kings Highway he stopped and warned passengers of what was about to happen. “Everyone, hi. I have an announcement to make,” Irakliotis told the passengers. “I am going to be getting married in 20 minutes.”

N train riders moved to the back of the train before Sandler and her maid of honor boarded at the 36th st. stop. The couple exchanged vows before an Interfaith chaplain while crossing the Manhattan bridge. The wedding party exited the train at the Canal St. station and headed for a bar for their reception.

“We’ve been through a lot. Good times, bad times, and a lot of the good times have taken place on the train,” Irakliotis told the New York Daily News. “Confessions of love, reconciliations, goofy, ridiculous conversations — the whole spectrum. In New York, you spend so much time on the train, we thought why not?”



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