Man Who Lost Legs, Hands, Lips And Nose Set To Marry His Lover


Meet a brave man who lost all his limbs, a part of face but did not lose hope, love and support of people who are close to him; Stockbridge, Hampshire, England, UK.

Alex Lewis’ sad story started in November 2013 when he was admitted to hospital with a Group A Streptococcus bacterial infection. The infection rapidly developed into multiple organ failure, septicaemia and finally in toxic shock syndrome.

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And one day Alex found himself with one hand left, his other three limbs, part of his nose and his lips dissapeared. After awhile the doctors also failed to save his remaining arm and it was amputated.


Despite all challenges and hardships, Alex did not give up. He spent several months bound to a wheelchair but now he tries to walk on artificial limbs and is ready to start a new life.

Alex, who is also a father of a three-year-old boy, has been undergoing facial reconstruction and plans to marry his girlfriend, Lucy Townsend, next year. He says that Lucy had been incredibly supportive and he was happy with the way she had raised their son.




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