Instagram Queen: Kim Kardashian Is The Most Followed Person On IG Despite Losing 1.3M Followers

Kim Kardashian is the queen of instagram despite losing 1.3 million followers to the Instagram crackdown on spam accounts..She still has over 22 million ..Previously Justin Beiber was leading but he lost a whooping 3.5 million fake followers, making his follower count drop from 23 to 21 million
Rihanna lost 1 million of her over 14 million followers
Beyonce lost more than 800,000 of 22 million
Nicki Minaj,500k of 12.5 million
Ariana Grande,lost 1.5 million of her 21 million;
Lady Gaga lost 15 million fake followers
Akon lost over 3.7 million fake followers
Mase embarrassingly dropped from over 2 million followers to 200k ,causing him to delete his account ..
Kim also has the most liked instagram pic of all time..She stays winning on social media


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