Help! My Female Boss Wants Me [Advice Needed]

Please Read the story of a female reader who needs your advice here; Please my female boss in the office is trying all her best to seduce me.


I have told her that I’m not into women but she has bluntly refused to listen and still makes passes at me and touches me at inappropriate places. I really don’t know what to do as I don’t want to have issues with her, because she’s really been nice to me. I’m seriously thinking of quitting my job.

That’s all I can think of for now.

Please advice a sister, what do I do?


  1. Pls quite your job. It is better to live a holy and righteous life than to become a lesbian and incur the wrath of God. May God help you to make a wise decision.

  2. Quitting your job is a risky move in a country that has 40million unemployed graduates. I don’t know how spiritual. You may need to seek spiritual counsel. Try and involve your pastor\alfa (depending on your religion) and let them handle it spiritually. I pray it works for you.

  3. Advice? If you are not a lesbian, just quit the job. She’s been good to you because she knows she’ll make advances at you sooner.

  4. Pls Sister, quit d job bcos it is abomination b4 God & Men. There is no enjoyment tins on there. My dear stand on ur ground even if u lose ur job, God wil surely see u through

  5. Quitting ur job isn’t the solution right nw, wat ‘if’ u quit n she doesn’t stop?…I’ll advice u pray abt it then meet ur pastor to interceed for u too. I’m certain God wil turn it around for ur good. Gudluck.

  6. My dear sis quitting ur job is not the ultimate for now, that ur boss was formerly seduce by her fellow lady too, so pls invole ur pastor in prayers and advice, and you in person try your possible best to play wit her and equally advice her too

  7. Admonish her on d evil of being a lesbian and dat she shud look for a male husband. If she continues after dis, den immediately seek her/ur religion leader’s supurt to help her out of perishing and satanik practice

  8. Agree to go along with her BUT you got to plant a cctv to record the show. Make a copy & hide it before revealing same to her. Threathen her if she does not leave you alone that you will expose her. The bottom line: u will lose the job.

  9. Pls my dear, Flee from Devil by Quiting your Job and avoiding any kind of communications with her. GOD wants to uplift you to another greater level of life and career. Be sensitive in the spirit because GOD wants to Change your level to the Top. Can’t you see it coming your way. Embrace Christ as a lifestyle.

  10. I think u should talk to her with all sincerity after work. She continues bc she doesn’t believe u don’t really want her. Make a vow to God that u ll not practice lesbianism. Then tell her u made a vow to God with ur bible never to practice lesbianism. She will run.

  11. if u ar nt a lesbian mak seriouse advaces on her, if is posible treatling her to get her of ur part do dat to save yurself frm raprouch. if dis prove abortive quiet d job 4 gud .

  12. It is wise to pray but since she’s preying on you, it is wise to act as well…

    My advise is you don’t need your own pastor, find her own Alfa or Pastor seek their counsel about her behaviour, tell them about her immoral behaviour and ask them to call her and advise her, help her etc…make sure the pastor or Alfa has direct influence over her… her own local church pastor not the General Overseer.

    Quitting your job is not the way out, will you have complied if it was a male boss…? I think this is about you standing for what you stand for… if she can’t sack you, you’re ok, if she can, since you’re already considering quitting, you should be nice to her by being very nice… don’t show aggression but the next time makes advances, be vocal about your stand irrespective of who is their… Let a third person hear and understand what happened, the worst will be either a sack or her refraining fro continuing with the harassment. 14years is not a joke, report to the police, write a statement and probably let her know about it…

    You should seek counsel within your sphere, maybe she’s been that way with anyone before you, find out within and learn how they managed the situation without compromising… If their solution is not wise enough for you, can make a choice to leave after exhausting all other options…

  13. I wanted to say quit but is not the best, there is power in the word of God just say the word and hv faith go to ur pastor tell him and if possible sow a seed in His alter and lolol I laugh with u wen she sees u she will be shy and beg u to fogiv her

  14. Every question in life has its answer in the WORD of GOD. Seek God’s word about it,meditate on it n back it up with prayers. She’ll be transfered from that job or she’ll relocate. U will not leave the job, she has to leave for u!

  15. My sis prayer is d key,der is notin God can’t change. Pray hard nd ve faith u will see how God will make her forget som1 lik u nd she wil nva disturb u again. Pray hard dat is d answer

  16. prayer is d key I was once a member but God set me free am happy am livin a holy life now . pray $ give ur live to God he will c u through

  17. Sweet sister I don’t hv much to tell u but I will advise u to quit the job or better still sit her down and talk to her.Try as much as possible to make her reasoning get back to normal.Then the next one is to lure her to ur Pastor so that she will be delivered from the spirirt that’s disturbing her.

  18. Too many people are living as reprobate.. ,She don’t like to retain God in her life, so God has given her up to do what ever she likes. Romans 1:26-30
    Rebuke her sharply, because open rebuke is better than secret love. Stop her before she stops you.
    Light never run away from darkness, but light overcomes darkness.

  19. quiting ur job may nt be wise besides, what if u fall into another evil hand in ur next job which may nt come easy. ill advice u to 1. turn to God, ask d Holy Spirit to turn hr evil face away frm u. 2. pray against evry spirit husband or wife. 3. be in a prayr mood always while on duty. 4. record evry intimate conversation u av wit hr. 5. be mindful of hw u dress. finally, pl do not give in, remember nothing good comes frm d evil one.


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