Guy Docked For Assaulting Barber Over Haircut


An Illinois man was docked but has been acquitted of gun charges  and assault after pointing a BB gun at a barber who gave him a “disappointing” haircut. AP reports:

The Daily Herald ( ) reports a judge ruled Monday that there’s no proof Anthony Oplinger knowingly and unlawfully used a BB gun when he pointed it at the Bensenville barber in November 2013. David Capales of the Barber Lounge testified he was awakened from a nap by an armed customer whose hair he had cut earlier that day.

Capales said an argument ensued. Another barber told the pair to take it outside of the break room. Capales said he was able to calm Oplinger down and persuade him to leave.

Capales said he offered Oplinger a refund immediately after the haircut, when the Wood Dale expressed displeasure.


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