Photo: Girl Transforms Into Snake When Forced To Beach

This is unbelievable. See how this girl transformed into a big snake when Guys tried to force her in the beach…



    • Some fucking people ave eyes buh cant see, this is no transformation buh a girl wearing some fucking snake costume doing her whatever……

  1. uzoma tnx alot. dats wat i was abt to point out. dat us d new diving wear most people in Australia wear to avoid shark attack. i am strting to hate dis site with passion. must u upload stupid fake news to attract readers. for once try and be classy. frm d stupid news of a man buried in his hummer SUV and a pix u got frm a nollywood movie. plz change. am tired of u guys

  2. bright say no to ignorance if u ar gud in kiping up wit foreign news site u wuld hav seen a swim suit lyk dat. dis sit is jst captivating on d fact dat dia is no news lyk bad news to deceive people lyk u. ynaija is much beta dan dis site and until dy learn i wont stop criticising dm cos i want sntin frm nigerians i can be proud of

  3. Pls ooo before you conclude, while not look at dat pic onces again? Imagine hw human being will be able to twist her self like dat? Anyway in every lie, there!s an atom of truth!!!

  4. Abegii,ds na one very flexible barley dancer on snake swim suit, look @ her face she looks really relax, she doesn’t come across like someone forced into d beach like u claim. Fake bloggers, we aren’t all fools u know?

  5. Just tint d pix to d left u will c d face very well its all about a lady doing her normal yoga execrcise as she puts on a sneak-like custume jst look at d neck n d face region, vry well. MST we tell lies to make lt in dis country???

  6. Bary is correct she is wearing a snake tattoo outfit. U can visually see her head, two legs and two hand. The photo is real but she is not a snake

  7. My dears, I had to look at that picture closely again. Hmmm. Dat doesn’t seem like a flexible girl doing Yoga ooo. Hmmmm. Things happen. That looks scary.

  8. U Pple shud stop disgracing us in dis country! Dis is yoga na 4 God sakes! @ anastasia open ur eyes or nose if dats wah u use to see

  9. Fake story. This girl is a Black American that was rated world’s most flexible girl. There is a name I have forgotten. She can twist her body any how.

  10. Why this great lie?this lady documentary i have watched severally,she twist her body anyhow,i wonder why your site is always full of lies.

  11. ave seen d video of dis lady doin her stuff on stage and shes veryyyyyy gud @ it. its almst like dias no spine in her system cos she can twist and turn whichever way u want her to….i can always get d video from a friend dat showed it to miii…so dis whole story of a girl turning into a snake is a complete fluke cos shes only putting on her stage costume which is obvious to some here.

  12. This is called Contortion not yoga exercise…. the girl is a professional contortionist in snake skin jumpsuit.

  13. this is a real fake. if someone took that photo, what about the site address written at the down corner of the pic. can anybody check the site address out and find out how they use the snake swim suit,.

  14. I really like your ways of research and analytical studies. but look for something dangerous than this may be u will fool us. even Bovi our comedian acted a lady turning to a fish so yours is not a new story. thanks for your time wasted and energy u used in typing..

  15. they try but, they should try an come with something not diz, an beside no pastor just like that she will turn 2 snake, that means she most b a big FOOL

  16. they try but, they should try an come with something big not diz, an beside no pastor just like that she will turn 2 snake, that means she most b a big FOOL

  17. Fuck whoever blogged dis nd say it’s a gurl turning to the snake. Dis gurl is sure a barley dancer. Watched her performed once on stage years bck. We aren’t all fools lyk dis blogger. B4 I go need to tell u dis *Dont ever put sometin like dis up again*


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