A New Year message to Nigeria’s youth from Muhammadu Buhari


…and here’s Gen. Buhari’s New Year message to Nigerian youths…
As we welcome the year 2015, I have shared a message to Nigerians in general, but I find it crucial to send another message directly to Nigeria’s youth, who are the major stakeholders of this enterprise.
The year 2014 was a challenging one for most citizens of our dear country.

We remember our compatriots who were brutishly killed or maimed by evil terrorists in 2014. I remember with a still broken heart that 219 of our children from Chibok are yet missing, let down by a country that should protect them. I remember that, even as I speak, some of our towns and villages are yet under the occupation of Boko Haram.

Yes, it is enough for you to despair. It is enough for you to wonder if your country cares about you and can protect you. But do not despair.

2015 has arrived at a time of great discomfort; but the beauty of the New Year is that we can look forward with renewed hope and the knowledge that things can and will change.

In Nigeria’s case, we can truly look forward to the change that the elections can, and will, bring. Our country will be secure again. Our country will prosper again.

I have faith that 2015 is the year we shall begin to write a new story – a story of our youth creating jobs and expanding the frontiers of innovation and creativity everywhere from Mavin Records to the Co-Creation Hub; a story of genuine investment in our children and students be they in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka or in the Delta State University, Abraka; a country that finally makes a permanent shift from our debilitating dependence on the free-falling price of crude oil.

I have unshakeable faith that 2015 will be the year of change.

Now some of you have asked me: what exactly does ‘change’ mean?

I have taken time to explain this at different opportunities, but on this special day, let me remind you in five short statements.

Change means:

1.      A country that you can be proud of at anytime and anywhere: where corruption is tackled, where your leaders are disciplined and lead with vision and clarity; where the stories that emerge to the world from us are full of hope and progress.
2.     A Nigeria in which neither yourselves, nor your parents, families or friends will have to fear for your safety, or for theirs.
3.     A Nigeria where citizens get the basics that any country should provide: infrastructure that works, healthcare that is affordable, even free; respect for the environment and sustainable development, education that is competitive and outcome-oriented in a knowledge-economy.
4.     A country that provides jobs for its young people, reducing unemployment to the lowest of single digits and providing safety nets so that no one is left behind.
5.     A Nigeria where entrepreneurship thrives, enterprise flourishes and the government gets out of your way so that you can create value, build the economy and aggressively expand wealth.
Are these things truly possible? Of course. That is the essence and outcome of leadership, and that is what my party and I promise you as we get into 2015.
My dear friends, this New Year, more than ever before, I am hopeful about Nigeria.

Yes, you are disappointed and you are angry, as you are entitled to, but you must never give in to the temptation to feel so weighed down by those who have failed you that you lose your hope and your energy and your passion to see change. You must never give up on Nigeria. 
Together, we can build a nation that is secure, prosperous and gives everyone a fair chance.
This is the promise that 2015 holds. That is the promise that change will bring. That is the promise that I bring to you.
Once again, I wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year.
Thank you and God bless Nigeria.


  1. ha ha ha ha. Even as this photo is a camera trick, it is equally funny to see how one can be so desperate to be Nigeria president, and he knows that he is no match for president for Jonathan. Speak in Igbo please!!

  2. I think this one is beyond been desperate,but we need someone that can effects true transformation with zero tolerance on corruption,people are walloping in abject poverty while cabal were diverting what belong to Nigerians for personal uses. The change is now and Buhari is the agent,by God grace.

  3. Must he speak in igbo before you know that all we need is what he has articulated? Bro get down from that ethnic bigoted train U are on

  4. Why all dis message to the youth toward 2015. We can see u and we know what u have in mind. All d problems face dis year as u mentioned, u are part of d problems in the north. U can keep playing politics with d 219 girls in chibok, our God does not sleep. Stop making promises to the youth, if u have solutions to the release of the girls, go ahead and do it nd our votes goes to u in 2015, if u can’t keep silent. If u solve the north(boko haram) if u win, can u solve the militant in Niger Delta, pls forget abt ur message and show action to the problem of the North b4 the election, if not count urself a loser to PDP(jonathan).

    • Sharif and Ihejerika are sole sponsors of Boko Haram and at the same time they are best friends to GEJ. So weigh your accusation on who is with the Chibok girls. The Niger Delta militant problem was solved by GMB’s brother (Yar’adua) not their brother (GEJ). I believe that GMB will solve Nig Problems.


  6. all those people that no like change are agent of PDP and that PDP is a sponsor of boko haram their playing politics with innocent soul dis 2015 we say no for boko haram sponsored we say no for poverty development party.

  7. Dirty general, no space for you in asorock come 2015 I’ve told you B4 nigeria can’t go backwards at this time, it forward ever n back ward never. You hv nothing to offer this nation again.

  8. All i know and remember is your promise (if i fail this election monkey and bamboo will soak in blood )but remember their is God and power is from him alone

  9. no president can make a meaningful difference in nigeria without a change in the structure and system of governance e.g decentralization of power distribution, regionalism, implimentation of workable policies among others; rather than changing presidents with the same mentality
    and ideology.

  10. emny if a president cannot solve d terrorrist act in a country how can a civilian do it? Jonathan has had his chances n has failed to do anything to the nation. y can’t u giv GMB a chnce?

  11. I wuld hav loved to fall for dis ur seemingly touching message Mr GMB but wen I remember d inciting statements u made in 2011, & all d peopl dat lost their lives bcos of u, I can’t help but say ur past is too dirty Mr General. We need change but if u truelly feel u will effect change den first com out & confess ur sins, apologise to d parents of dose youth corpers dat lost their lives in d hands of CPC supporters in 2011, apologise to all dose whom u hav directly or indirectly caused to shed tears of pain, sorrow & anguish. Wen d blood on ur hands hav been washed clean. Den we wuld now tink of considerin whether to forgive u

  12. CHANGE from Insecurity to Securily, CHANGE from Curroption, CHANGE from Stomach Infrastructure to National Infrastructure, CHANGE from High Level of Unemployment to Enployment Opportunities, CHANGE from Electoral Malpractice to Transparent Election, CHANGE from PDP to APC and Infact CHANGE from GEJ to GMB by the specail grace of GOD.

  13. Please, please Nigerians, what else do you want to hear before you believe General Buhari? Please we must all join in this campaign for change. Imagine our country being rated the most corrupt in the world! Please open your eyes, don’t close your senses patapata! It’s so annoying and disappointing that some people have decided to close their eyes and even their senses whenever General Buhari speaks. They resort to insulting and calling him names without reading and analysing what he has said. They allow blind loyalty, tribalism, religion, propaganda being perpetrated by some liars to cloud their judgment and senses. What a pity! Some people go follow, follow they close sense totally! It’s our now, future and those of generations to come that’s at stake! Future generations won’t forgive us if we don’t do the right thing now. It’s time for change!

  14. I dnt knw y some pipo are so daft,y not open ur eyes nd say yes to beta nigeria?for hw many yrs dat so caled president has bn on seat wat d he do? Notin instead he is promotin corruption deaths..nigeria is gradualin goin down d drain..u bta vote for buhari for beta nigeria.nd for change.LORD remove corruption promoter nd put d one dat will help nigerians.Amen

  15. I wonder y many ppl r myopic in their views. Even if Buhari will not be d man, for wat we av experienced it mustnt be Jonathan again. D guy is really full of badluck as opposed to his name. A lot of negative things in Nigeria happen during his tym up to d failure of Nigeria to qualify for ordinary Nations cup. What pain me past is d content of his new year msg, talking as a newly sworn in President after 6 yrs. Bikko Mr president go and relax @ Otu oke…. Thanks for ur tym

  16. May God bless and save Nigeria. I think it is tym for each and everyone of us to wake up from our slumber! For a little while ago now, Nigeria has been stagnant in term of transformation and devpt; it wil also be gud to know dat false propagandas bn published day in day out by group of corrupt cabal who has no gud wish and intention for our dear country ‘Nigeria’ were done only to protect their own selfish interest and to cover up deir evils. Dis is not the tym to incline on religious and ethnic discrimination, though it is a clear fact dat dey do exist which we can’t do witout, but it should be left til anoda tym. Nigerians are cryin in tears of pains, agonies and difficulties. If 2day you are rich and well to do but how many people can you possibly solve deir problems? so, let assist a cause dat can actualy solve the problems of a larger populace. If we can not do wat is ryt, dat means we are indirectly abating evils which has bn spreadin lyk the fire of vocanic erruption, so let us protect ourselves and our generation from dat fire. Let call a spade a spade, let support change. May God Almighty change our condition in dis country to a beta one. Once again may God bless Nigeria.

  17. This is a true message that kills despair and hopelessness. I am pretty sure that Nigeria will be great again. our people will be great again. our Fathers will be great again. Our mothers will be great again. Yes, our Children will be great again. we will never be ashamed forever. Those who are laughing at us will hold their mouths and say, Has God visited the forsaken again? Then shall our mouths be full with laughter. Thank you Gen. Buhari for this inspiring message of hope.


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