6 BIG Things Your Man Wants You To Know About Him

Soooo many times, women say they want to know what men really think. They say they want the “male perspective,” but I’m often amazed at how when they get that perspective, they proceed to tell men why their perspective is wrong. NEWS FLASH, just because our perspective is different than yours, doesn’t make our perspective WRONG! Let me clear the air with these 6 BIG things men want you to know about them!

1) He has feelings too

Yup, I know they told you he wasn’t allowed to have feelings but guess what, when he came out of the womb he cried too! I know they told you, that you could stomp all over his emotions and he should be strong enough to just “take it.” Well, the truth of the matter is, just because he doesn’t express emotion in the way that you do, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have them.

When you consistently beat him down and make him feel like a failure it hurts. When you constantly turn him down for sex and make him feel undesirable it hurts. When you never show any appreciation for his efforts, it hurts. When you complain about everything he doesn’t do and never acknowledge what he does do, yup….it hurts.

2) You get more bees with honey

I know you may think that you can walk around the house like a Military Mom and that will get him to “act right”. The truth of the matter is that, you will get way more out of him by being nice, sweet, and feminine than you ever will by being the house warden. Remember when you were dating and you had him wrapped around your finger? That’s probably because back then you were sweet more than sour, and feminine more than militant.

3) Don’t emasculate him

That’s all that needs to be said about this one

4) Your way isn’t the only way.

This can use some explaining. I know that you have your way of doing things, but your way isn’t the only way. The way you wash the dishes, the way you fold the clothes, the way you handle the kids aren’t the only way. Just because he doesn’t do things the way that YOU do them, doesn’t make him wrong. So instead of condemning him all the time for not doing things your way, how about just say thank you! You don’t see him fussing at you for how you do things, even though they’re different from how he does it. Think about that!

5) Tell him what you want.

Before you walk around mad because he isn’t reading your mind how about you, just tell him what it is that you want or need. You are being passive aggressive and complaining about everything, yet you have yet to actually tell him what exactly it is that you are upset about. He asks “What’s wrong?” You say “Nothing.” He believes you and then you get mad at him for not changing anything. Speak up and communicate! And before you ask “Why should I have to?” The answer is….because you want to be happy.

6) Appreciation means so much to him.

Ladies love to ask “Why should I say thank you for something that he is supposed to do?” The cashier at the store is supposed to give you your change back and you don’t hesitate to say thank you then. Can your man get the same courtesy? The same reason you like for him to acknowledge your efforts, is the same reason that you should acknowledge his. The same reason why, sometimes you feel like no one notices all that you do at home. If no one ever stops, looks you in the eyes, or pats you on the back and says, “thank you!” You could easily feel some type of way. Your man wants to know that you appreciate his efforts, and besides, saying “Thank You!” isn’t a very hard thing to do


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