5 Ways To Grow With Your Spouse In 2015

admin-ajax-php-203Every new year is a new opportunity to maintain the status quo or purposefully grow in the direction you want to. Marriages that thrive have set the expectations for their lives. The husband and wife move with intent based on the goals they have set for themselves. The difference between them and you are communicated shared values, a goal, a plan, and the will to execute.

5. Talk, talk, and talk some more.
We assume way too much. For some selfish reason we like to believe it’s our spouse’s responsibility to be able to sense how we feel and act accordingly. News flash – we’re all simply human, just trying to make it the best way we know how. We much be honest and open about our happiness, expectations, frustrations, goals, and battles to even begin to move toward a healthy and productive relationship.

4. Set short and long-term goals.
How can you grow together without goals you’re growing towards? Too many couples have short term goals of getting through traffic with their sanity intact; and long-term goals of The Powerball solving all of their issues. That is not real life. Every family needs goals. So does every person – and every couple. If you can’t set agreed upon short-term and long-term goals with your partner, you might have larger issues to discuss.

3. Develop a shared calendar.
No matter what you do or what you want in life, every thing you receive is a direct correlation on the time and effort you put into it. Want your relationship to be better? Put time into it. Want to earn more in 2015? Put time into developing and executing earning opportunities. Want better grades? You get the pattern by now. A shared calendar allows the both of you to see exactly how the two of you are getting to your goals. It allows you to be intentional with how you spend your time and what you plan to get out of it. A shared calendar also does wonders for setting realistic expectations between the both of you. Remember to leave enough time to be spontaneous as well. Absolutely no one wants all of their time accounted for – that’s called prison.

2. Recommit to each other’s happiness.
We all need to know our spouse has our backs when it comes down to it. Many times we simply need to hear the words, “Baby, I got you.” Sometimes we just need to know someone’s actions back up their words as well. Make a commitment that in 2015 your spouse is your priority. No matter what you have planned, it won’t go anywhere without a commitment to one another.

1. Stick to the plan.
Goals are simply plans broken down into nice easy-to-follow steps. If the both of you can stick to the plan you laid out, you’re 85% of the way there. This cannot be understated. The plan gets you where you want to be – romantically, emotionally, financially, and otherwise. Nothing is intentionally achieved without a plan. No matter what happens during the year, it’s guaranteed that your plan will need to be revised at some point. It’s just life. Keep your goals clear, and your spouse close. Trust in one another’s vision and walk together hand in hand every step of the way until you can’t be denied. It won’t be perfect, but if you stick to it, it will be worth it.

SOURCE: blackandmarriedwithkids.com


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