Vera Sidika: “I Would Rather Watch Grass Grow Than Watch BBA”


It’s now clear that a lot of people are now bored out by the annual reality TV show — Big Brother Africa.

This time, it’s controversial Kenyan model, Vera Sidika that has something to say about the show.

Vera has described watching ongoing popular reality TV show, BBHotshots, as a waste of her precious time after tagging the continental show as ‘boring’.

With Kenyan representatives, Sabina Stadler and Melvin Alusa evicted from BBHotshots, the video vixen has condemned the two contestants for falling to prove themselves and make their country proud.

In a recent article published on Nairobi Wire, the curvaceous Vera, widely known for flaunting her boobs, said:‘Kenyans don’t have strategy; they just go like if they are going to the market to buy onions and tomatoes. Prezzo had strategy, BBA is a game. You need a game plan; you need to be very calculative. Most contestants just go freestyle.’

Not done, she added: ‘I have studied Kenyans and realized, Kenyans don’t give a f..k if you’re not a celeb, they will only watch u if you are somebody, look at Prezzo’s year, almost everyone watched, even Uhuru talked about him. Controversial people give you the urge to watch and see what they will do next, his or her lifestyle, how does he sleep, eat, shower, get dressed e.t.c.

‘I would rather watch grass grow than watch BBA. So boring, they are old housemates and ugly, you don’t even want to watch shower hour.’


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