U.S. drone strikes in Yemen kill 9 suspected al-Qaida members


Not less than nine people suspected to be members of al-Qaida have been killed in the  in the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen. The air strike carried out by the U.S.-Yemen joint operation  targeted an al-Qaida convoy traveling in Al Baitha province, security officials told CNN.

The three airstrikes targeted an al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula convoy traveling in Al Baitha province, security officials told CNN. The convoy was en route to fight Shia Houthi rebels, a militant group that recently pushed AQAP back from its stronghold in Al Baitha.

A U.S.-Yemen joint operation has attempted to defeat AQAP, an objective aided by the Houthis’ recent battlefield successes.

Houthis rose to power in Yemen in September through a U.N.-brokered cease-fire agreement. Although previously opposed to U.S. drone strikes, the Houthis appear to have since dropped those objections.



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