Secret of my successful marriage–GOSPEL SINGER LIZA C


Elizabeth Ndidi Moses, aka Liza-C, is a singer, songwriter and member of the Association of Christian Counsellors of Nigeria. She launched her music career in 2002 with her hit single, Be Bold. So far, she has released three successful albums. The Spring Media Entertainment artiste speaks with DUPE AYINLA-OLASUNKANMI on her journey in the entertainment industry and how she has been able to keep her marriage, among other issues.

WHAT are you working on at the moment?

I released a single, God the Power, in September, which was my birth month. I also released another one with Eben titled I Surrender. At the moment, I have released three singles, the last being October 28. The singles will all be put together later as an album.  I released my last album online last year, which is why people have been able to download it. But it will be repackaged this year and will be titled Full Expression.

Why did you put the album online?

The album is actually an instruction given by God; it is actually a worship album. Every song in it is a medley. It has 10 tracks and no single praise song. One of the tracks, I Surrender, actually won me an award. And the hard copies are actually for those who could not go online to download it. The songs in the album came at a time when God instructed me to do my new platform for worship, Deep Experince With Liza C (Deepex). It is quite different from my normal praise concert. Liza C With Friends holds annually and it always includes comedy, plays and all the razzmatazz. But Full Expression, which is like a repackaged album, will showcase the sides in the album.

Did you consider the financial gain when obeying the instructions you talked about?

For me, what is most important is the ministry. Everybody wants money, but what I have noticed is that money gravitates towards me because of the things I do. When you give people value and your life becomes a blessing to people, money will naturally come to you. People might come to you and say, ‘Why not go commercial and get quick money? This ministry is about building a lasting impact, which is not just on the surface.

Now, people want something that has content because that is what God wants me to do; and I am just minding my business in that area. So, I believe so much in legacy and content. Though I need money to do all that I put together, I do not think about the financial aspect first. One of the good things about all these is that people call to give testimonies. It is the same thing with those who sing about sex and other worldly things. The message being passed has a lot of negative effects on children and we are here to correct that.

Talking about appearances, is there a particular way you have to be seen as a gospel artiste?

We don’t live to please men because you can never dress to please everybody. It is believed that because you are preaching the gospel, you have to be covered up. These are rules that men set for themselves because the Bible is clear about dressing modestly. God is not against a woman adorning herself with beautiful things.

So, instead of adorning yourself, why not let that be the inner thing and fear of God. Because what you are made of inside is what you are on the outside. And if God created some places private, they should remain private. I don’t believe in a lady going out half-clothed. What I know is that, if I am going to a rural area to evangelise, I will cover up to achieve my goal. But that does not mean that I will come back and be dressed like that. When I am having Deepex, there is a particular way I dress because I know I have a mission and I do not want to be a hindrance to people at that time. We all know what is right and wrong. I am not comfortable in armless clothes.

How have you managed to gain your husband’s support so far?

He is actually my number one fan. He follows me everywhere I go. There is no place I go that he does not appear with me. He is known all over the industry and if I appear alone, people would be wondering what happened. He has been a husband, producer and manager. He is one in a million and he has been the strength on which I have been able to move on.

Others would have stopped after marriage, but my case has been different because he is the second person I discuss anything I tell God. We are more of friends than a couple. If I was looking at the person I am and the kind of man I wanted, I wouldn’t have picked my husband because he wasn’t the person I was looking at. But it is good to have good friends around you to keep you straight. At the beginning, we were just friends and the whole thing started. He is humble to a fault, and that is how it has been till date. There is nothing we can’t say to each other without the fear of hurting each other’s feelings.

Above all, he has the fear of God. This is our 11th year of marriage without a child, but that seems to make us closer. Even his mother and mine do not have a say in our marriage. They cannot come and start asking questions. And we have agreed and we know the reason things are the way they are. So, we made that plain to our families.

But how have you been able to achieve that?

It is when there is a broken wall that people can penetrate. They have seen that there is no space for that. We do not allow influences from outside to break us. There are some things we resolve and hold hands to pray about it. There was a time somebody counselled me about adoption. It is believed that if you adopt and take care of a child, the child will give way for yours to come along.

We prayed about it and we agreed that it was not what we wanted. Adoption will come after our own children that we trust God for to be twins: a boy and a girl. We are not doing it as a way of escape or option. And anything we do not have an agreement on, we talk about it and let it go. People think these things are minor, but they are one of the keys to a successful marriage. You cannot break the communion you have with your spouse by going against what he or she does not support.

How did the journey start?

It started right from the village at the age of 15. That was the days of true Christianity. We moved back to our home town after my dad passed on. But even then, when we used to go for fellowship, I was the only one who used to dress differently.

My earrings were always on. But people already knew we were from the city. That period has helped me till date because of the fear and morals that were being taught then. But now, everybody claims to be a Christian just because he or she attends church. Then, we were able to differentiate the wayward ones from those who were referred to as SU (Scripture Union). Even in school, there was this clear distinction. But if you looked closely, you will know the real ones.

And we knew what we wanted then because we were not forced to do it. The only surprise they have till now is that I have not become a pastor. But I do not have to be a pastor to do what I am doing. And we didn’t have freedom then because we were restricted. My dad worked in the aviation industry and we lived in the quarters. So, we missed out in all those partying.


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