Satanist ‘cannibal’ painted ‘Evil will triumph’ on house where victims were killed [PHOTOS]


Police investing alleged cannibal and ‘Satanist killer’ Pazuza Algarad have released video of a house knee-deep in rubbish and animal waste, with walls covered in pentagrams and images of Satan.

A sign on the front door proclaims ‘Evil will triumph’.

Police unearthed two skeletal bodies from shallow graves on the property last month, and 35-year-old Algarad, his self-proclaimed Satanist mother, and his lover Amber Burch, 24 were charged with murder.

Pazuza sharpened his teeth to look like a dog, and had split his tongue down the middle like a snake.

His mother named him after Pazuza, after the demon from the film The Exorcist.

Animal bones were also found on the property, amongst the rubbish which carpeted every room – and police say there may be more arrests.

Police have released stomach-turning video taken from inside the disgusting home of accused North Carolina 'Satanist killer' Pazuza Algarad. Inside the Clemmons house, behind which police uncovered two long-dead bodies from a shallow grave last month, is a virtual sea of trash, animal feces and other putrescence within walls utterly covered in pentagrams and depictions of the Devil.   Read more:  Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Neighbours say Algarad performed animal sacrifices and other Satanic rituals at the property – and a friend says he had ‘told everyone’ about the murder in Clemmons, North Carolina.

One victim has been named as 37-year-old Joshua Fredrick Wetzler, the second asTommy Dean Welch, 36.


A sign on the door warns gang members and law enforcement not to enter, saying,: ‘No gang members allowed: anyone that dresses the same, has the same badge and call themselves the authority of the land they did not create.’

The trio have been warned they may face the death penalty, or life imprisonment without parole.



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