Pics From Military Operations In Gombi, Pelia, Hong in Adamawa


Here are some pictures and a statement by the Nigerian Defence Headquarters on the military action that reclaimed three towns in Adamawa state from Boko Haram on Monday November 16th. See the statement and more photos below.

The pictures here are from the military operations in Gombi, Pelia and Hong in Adamawa State, where the Nigerian troops mercilessly dealt with the terrorists with the recovery of the towns as well as their destroyed vehicles, hideouts, weapons and ammunitions. While some of the terrorists have been captured alive others were killed in the operation. The Nigerian troops too could be seen in action.

The ongoing military operations in the North-Eastern Nigeria is to clear all areas infested by terrorists.

Mopping up exercise is ongoing in the areas while the troops are moving to other communities in what a top security officer described as ‘Operation No Mercy against Terrorists.”


  1. The Defence Hqts is on the right track and it is to reclaim the glory, honour and respect of Nigeria’s Military personnel. How can Nigerian soldiers that rank amongst the best in the world flee before Boko Haram terrorists? Tufia kwa! God forbid and may I wake up from this nightmare! Boko Haram must be wiped out completely from the face of the earth to cleanse the earth that has soaked up the blood of thousands that includes innocent children and teenagers. How can you allow blood thirsty demonic humans that slash the throats of young boys and girls live? If an animal kills a man, the animal is killed. When a human being condescends to the position of an animal, that human being should be killed like an animal. The death should be slow death so that those that watch it will be afraid of taking the life of a human being. None of those villians should be left alive to appease the spirit of those that have been killed. We must kill those that we see as soldiers of Boko Haram and leave their unknown Sponsors for God to kill them with their children to the fourth generation. The soul that willfully takes the life of a human being must die without remedy!

  2. So BH also uses laptops?is laptop not a brainchild of Western Education?God punish them silly,more victories to the military.


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