Photos of Mubi residents fleeing their villages after Boko Haram attack


Photos show many Mubi residents fleeing their villages after the recent attacks on their homes by Boko Haram men. See another photo below…

Photo credit: National Coordinator of the APC Youth Vanguard, Jibrilla Madu Gadzama


  1. Thank God it is APC national youth co ordinator that send this picture to we Nigerian’ is it to amuse this Nigerian? or what for? they are town crier let me tell you . Nigerian will survive it .Nigeria is bigger than bokoharam .After 2015 Nigeria as a united country will continue, so keep your picture to yourself.Long life Nigeria

  2. It is a pity,the present day generation had bastardised the vision of our forefathers, who fought for the independence of this country,the present generation
    with their innate social vices,such as corruption,ethnicity,nepotism,lack of fear of God,lack of patriotism and selfishness in the corridor of power, had caused all these eye sore pictures.Nigerians remember the Biafra war and,Liberia war that started like a speck,but later engulfed Liberia.Be warned.Let the government take a pro active step to bring the situation back to normalcy and stop playing politics with what is destroying life.


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