Opinion – Men Are Intimidated By Their Ladies Achievements!!!

This is a question that has been on my mind ‘cos of the attitude of Naija men to successful ladies. You meet a
man and you start talking…. and then you tell him you have a masters and he doesn’t have one…. trust you
know the end of the story. And some are just intimidated when you earn a better salary than them even when you are quite humble about it….. they still feel less of who they are. And less I forget, they think the ladies with good credits in school are just a no go area. Some even feel you should not use a better phone, laptop and other devices than them. And hey, when you cruise in a better ride, they just feel you are just better than them and hence, they have a zero chance in getting to date you!

Dear Information Nigeria Men, what have you got to say about all these?



  1. Naija men!!! 4 real, that’s how 100% of them are not even 99%. U are just right writer. God wil have mercy on them. That’s d problem most of us are facing with our men… NNnnnnnnnn

  2. It’s actually wrong to assume that’s ao all men are. Men just want to avoid being inferior to their women and it’s not entirely a bad idea. Hardly can a guy control a girl who has a lot over him. She’ll claim the boss one day

  3. Its true tho not all of them.currently am dating a lady of 28yrs whose educational background is more than mine somrtimes she behaves well sometimes she’s proud and boast.am 4yrs older than her but she lack respect and her ego is too much.Nigerian ladies don’t have respect for us that’s why you find a lot of them in their early and late 30s not married despite their achievement.


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