Nigeria Is Four Months Away From Change, Says Nda-Isaiah As He Picks APC Form

APC-presidential-aspirant-Sam-Nda-IsaiahThe founder of LEADERSHIP Group and presidential aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr Sam Nda-Isaiah, has declared that Nigeria is just four months away from leadership change, adding that all Nigerians must be mobilised to ensure that the country is rescued from inept leadership.

He made this known shortly after he was presented with his nomination form by the party’s national chairman, Chief John Oyegun, upon the confirmation of his payment of the mandatory N27.5m fee at the APC national headquarters in Abuja yesterday.

Mr. Nda-Isaiah said: “Nigeria is just four months away from change; we are just four months away from change in this country and everything has to be done; all hands have to be on deck; everybody must be mobilised – all Nigerians – to ensure that we rescue our country.

“Mr Chairman, I want to thank you for what you are doing for our party and what you are doing for Nigeria, as well as the history you are about to make by being the first party chairman to defeat an incumbent president.

“The time for work is now and I also have to thank you for calling everybody to order, ensuring that all the aspirants work together; I thank you for doing everything you can to ensure that there is no rancor”.

The aspirant, who arrived the APC secretariat in the company of personal aides and officials of his campaign group, Sam4Nigeria, shortly before noon, headed straight to the office of the party’s national chairman where he exchanged pleasantries with top party officials and other well-wishers before picking the nomination form.

On the presidential primaries, the aspirant said: “We are doing it on the 8th of December and we have promised it is going to be rancour free. We will all support whoever eventually emerges. But I intend to win”.

Mr. Nda-Isaiah assured the party’s leadership that all the aspirants had agreed to work together and support whoever emerges as the party’s flag-bearer for the poll.

“I still want to thank you for calling everybody to order and ensuring that all the aspirants work together  and doing everything you can to ensure that there is no rancour. Of course, in all human endeavour, there might be some form of rancor, but this chairman has spent every power at his disposal to ensure that everything comes out well.

“We can assure you that we are going to work by the rules. We are going to ensure that it comes out well without any rancour in the interest of our party and this nation”.

The national chairman, after the presentation, commended the aspirant, describing him as a trailblazer. He also commeded him for his doggedness and his unique declaration rally, which took place in Minna, the capital of his home state of Niger on Tuesday.

He said, “My good friend, the distinguished publisher, it is my pleasure to welcome you into the ranks of confirmed aspirants for the distinguished office of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on the platform of the fastest growing incoming party to the federal system. And as I do so, I wish you the very, very best of luck; congratulations”.

“I want to say that we are pleased to have you today and to have presented to you officially your nomination form. I will describe you as a trailblazer because I think even before I became the national chairman, I got used to seeing your billboards in Abuja; and I became national chairman by the grace of the members of the party and one of the first questions I asked was ‘Who is this Nda-Isaiah? Where is he?”


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