Kemi Olunloyo Shows Off The Man She Wants To Marry

Not quite long after revealing names and photos of men begging her for sex, Self acclaimed most intelligent woman in Nigeria, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo, has done the unexpected.


The outspoken self acclaimed international journalist cum doctor who recently validated her threats of exposing the men who have been hiding under the social media to beg her for sex has taken to her Facebook account to announce she is in love.

Kemi is the daughter of a former governor of Oyo State, Victor Olunloyo. She is highly controversial and ‘non-conforming’ to the point that she made it known that she is not a woman that can be used or played with by some ‘left over husbands’ who use the social media in the wrong way by soliciting for sex from her.


The 50 year old woman who has never been married says she is in love again..And just like one will expect her to do, she is flaunting the man on social media. According to her, this is the man she wants to marry.


However, some of her fans called her out for posting his picture, saying the emotional and public display of affection ought to be the other way round. Also, some even went ahead to  remind her of the previous men she proposed to openly. See the drama below as she fires back.



It would be recalled that just recently, popular singer, Maheeda, who promotes safe sex with different men has put many Nigerian men on their toes, applying, when she made it known that she’s in need of a new boyfriend.


    Has Kemi Olunloyo now got a man that can satisfy her sexually? She should have told the world that she was despirately in need of husband or man to lubricate her thing, instead of bragging that no man has ever satisfied her. She is a spoilt brat.
    Good luck to the unfortunate man. He will soon find out that he is in a wrong hand, an antiquity that defies refurbishing. If they are birds of a feather, fine discovery.
    She should accept Jesus into her life. She needs to change from her sinful ways of life.


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