Jonathan’s Desperation To Remove Tambuwal Undermining Anti-Terrorism War, Says APC

jona-apcThe All Progressives Congress has accused President Goodluck Jonathan of political desperation and sabotaging his own administration’s war against Boko Haram all in a bid to satisfy his selfish ambition.

The party said this desire is unbecoming of a self-respecting national leader.

In a statement in Abuja on Thursday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the APC said just because he was so desperate to remove Aminu Tambuwal as Speaker of House of Representatives, Jonathan ensured that the House could not meet as scheduled on yesterday to consider his request for an extension of the State of Emergency in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states.

It said, “For a President, who has severally stated his administration’s commitment to the battle against the insurgency in the North-East, is it not a cruel irony that he allowed his personal ego and political desperation to override his sense of propriety, by moving to have Rt. Hon. Tambuwal removed instead of having the House of Representatives sit to consider his request?

“Does anyone need any more evidence that the President’s sole preoccupation is how to win the 2015 elections, rather than the fate of the hundreds of Nigerians, who are daily being killed and maimed at the epicentre of the insurgency? Had he been genuinely committed to the fight against insurgency, would the President not have allowed the House to sit to consider his request? How does he feel now that the entire National Assembly has been shut down because of his capricious action?”

The opposition party noted that because of “his meddlesomeness” in the affairs of another arm of government, and also “his blatant disregard for a court order that the status quo be maintained on the issue of the defection of the Speaker to the APC, the President on Thursday suffered a moral and political defeat that would haunt him” for a long time to come.

The statement added, “The plot was simple: The Presidency decided to use the reconvening of the House as an opportunity to remove the Speaker. While Deputy Speaker Emeka Ihedioha was accorded a presidential ride into the premises of the National Assembly, House Speaker Tambuwal was barred from entering by the hordes of security agents who have been deployed solely for that purpose.

“Their plan was to ensure that with Tambuwal locked out, Ihedioha would preside over the reconvened House and the Speaker will then be removed. The consideration of the request to extend the State of Emergency was not important to the Presidency. The fate of the Nigerians who are suffering from the insurgency, which has displaced 1.5 million people, does not bother the Presidency. All it wanted is to remove Tambuwal”.


  1. Mr LIE Mohd,by know you should understand what is right and stop dragging APC into an issue like can never eat your cake and have it.TambuwaL cease to be a member/speaker of the house,the moment he abandomed the platform that brought him to the house.two wrong can never make right.If Police as an institution of government blocked a legislatur.I believe as a law maker he should call the attention of the judiciary,taking law by fighting police insisting on entering proved the intelligence report gathered by police.Let’s do what we will be proud to tell our children.its unfortunate.

  2. @ Egbochie u are ignorant by choice and should keep mute over dis issue.but 2 educate u a little I make boLd 2 say that d same judiciary u want tambuwal 2 run 2 gave an order about d issue which Presidency disObeyed.nOw a question for u;when MimikO Of labor party defected 2 PDP in aso rOck why was his security aides nOt removed and his seat vacated .be aLways guided by commOn sense and truth when commenting .

  3. The whole of south-south will forever suffered the quest to atain any strong political post in the future of Nigeria, take it or leave it. Let him ride on.

  4. The whole of south-south will forever suffered the quest to atain any strong political post in the future of Nigeria, take it or leave it. Let him ride on. Jonathan has shown to the whole world that he is a thief, currupt, politically incapable, selfish, narrowminded, self centered, ignoble, educated illitrate, lack of political goodwills, power hunger, strong headed, fraudster & the most disastrous & calamicious president in the history of Nigeria since independent. But the end shall justify the means by the grace of God.


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